Australian Grand Prix Corporation seeks ad agency - expressions of interest close Sept 26

F1-GP.jpgThe Australian Grand Prix Corporation is seeking expressions of interest from ad agencies to promote the F1 Grand Prix and Motorcycle Grand Prix for the next three years.

The deadline for submissions is September 26.



Save us all the trouble said:

Just give it to Cummins & Partners now. And save us all the pain.

Formula Fun/Get F-Oned/The F1 and Only.

Surely they submitted the tender document before lunch...

I think I've cracked it said:

Want No.1 fun?

Well we've got the Formula.

Formula 1. Number one in fun.

FFS said:

Cummins. Big on promise but small on delivery.

There must be a billion better creative agencies with far greater reach to deliver on this. My bet is it goes interstate with a satellite office retaining it.

Took the puns right out of my mouth said:

No really, just give it to them. They'll pitch from their office, look out over the track blah blah blah.

Bernie Brooks Ecclestone said:

Will they be paying fair dollar, or taking the stance that because Melbourne loses a shit load of money from the grandprix, so to should the lucky agency?

no doubt we'll be in....

why cummins? said:

I think the comments awarding it to cummins&partners are a mark of respect. Through the sneering, I suspect people look at the success of cummins as some sort of bad thing. But really, cummins is not playing the game. And anyone who can see it is not, cries foul. They are a great agency. They have their own self of self.
They are writing their own rules. And you know what?They probably won't pitch for this business anyway. They probably don't have to.

Everything said:

Cummins will pitch for a chook raffle mate. Looks like you don't work there.

Ant Shannon said:

Woody Allen interview...
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You think it’s healthier that way?
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