Ingvar Kenne co-directs new spot with Jason Loucas for World Suicide Prevention Day

JessicaRowe_0022.jpgSuicide Prevention Australia has launched the 'Reach out and get connected' campaign this week in support of World Suicide Prevention Day; an event that aims to raise awareness about the problem and the many ways in which we can work to reduce global suicide rates.

The Pool Collective's Ingvar Kenn has co-directed the spot with Jason Loucas. The poignant TVC is airing on free to air TV and features known personalities; Alex Perry, Steve Willis, Steve Waugh, Mia Freedman, Justine Clarke, Jessica Rowe, Luke Carroll and Jesinta Campbell who all donated their time for this important cause.

AlexPerry_0014.jpgThe Behind the Scenes video also shares the story of Trish Heagerty, a Suicide Prevention Australia community supporter. Heagerty is the project director for this campaign and having personally experienced the heartache of suicide, is hoping to help others through raising JesintaCampbell0098color.jpgawareness of the numerous support channels available.

Suicide Prevention Australia (SPA) is the national peak body for the suicide prevention sector in Australia with a growing role in providing policy advice to governments, community awareness JustineClarke0076.jpgand public education, increased involvement in research and a future role in leading Australia's engagement nationally and internationally.

For more information about World Suicide Prevention Day, visit

LukeCarroll0094.jpgSuicide Prevention Australia: Client
Ingvar Kenne: Co-Director/ Co-Producer/ Co-Creative
Jason Loucas: Co-Director/ Co-Producer/ Co-Creative
Trish Heagerty: Project Director
Alex Serafini: DOP
MiaFreedman0044.jpgDanny Tait: Editor
Matthew Tolj: Writer
David Sheppard: Sound
Craig Proudford: Camera Assist
Nick Alexander: Camera Assist
David Grainger: Hair & Make-Up
SteveWillis0017.jpg SteveWaugh0026.jpg


Adam Wells said:

Not a biggie, but then again it is. The correct media protocol when publishing anything to do with suicide is for there to be an appropriate and relevant link and phone number to LifeLine and/or Beyond Blue.

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