Jungleboys cleans up at Australian Writers' Guild Awards for The Moodys 'Australia Day' episode

the_moodys_episode_1_australia_day.jpgDespite hundreds of entries, Jungleboys' The Moodys took all three nominations for best narrative comedy at the 2014 Australian Writers' Guild (AWG) awards, so their win on Friday night for The Moodys 'Australia Day' wasn't a huge surprise.

Congratulations to Trent O'Donnell and Phil Lloyd for taking home the big prize, and to cast member Patrick Brammall, who wrote one of the nominated scripts. Brammall also received the award on Trent and Phil's behalf, reading out their acceptance speech which detailed why his script was no good.

The nominations were for: The Moodys: 'Sean's Day in Court' - Patrick Brammall; The Moodys: 'Commitments' - Trent O'Donnell and Phil Lloyd; The Moodys: 'Australia Day' -  Trent ODonnell and Phil Lloyd. With the winner being "Australia Day".


Good Mood. said:

I can't stand most Australian drama / comedy these days. Love the Moody's, though. This is well deserved.

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