News Corp Australia launches AccessOne ad product for new metropolitan mastheads apps

AccessOne.jpgNews Corp Australia has today announced the launch of its next-generation suite of metropolitan masthead tablet apps, which will feature its market leading advertising product - AccessOne.
AccessOne is a bold Australian first. It enables large display advertisers to automatically and seamlessly lift-over print ads to News' new metropolitan masthead tablet apps. These lifted-over ads can either be a replication of the print ad (at no additional charge) or a reimagined print ad designed for tablet.
AccessOne delivers to advertisers a total audience which is growing strongly, as Australians consume news in record numbers across both print and digital.
Says Fiorella Di Santo, News Corp Australia's group director - sales: "The combination of AccessOne's print and tablet execution will turbo-charge the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
"We are offering advertisers one transaction that gives them access to both print and digital, and most importantly, to highly-engaged and growing audiences across platforms.
"AccessOne also gives agencies a much richer palette to create new and effective tablet ads utilising the full complement of digital and interactive features.  It will allow advertisers to reimagine their print campaign as tablet-optimised creative, with interactive features such as catalogues, videos, hyperlinks and in-app purchases."

AccessOne, which is already offered by News Corp in the UK, has delivered significant increases in brand recall and call to action for UK advertisers. News Corp Australia expects the Australian experience will mirror the UK's - with AccessOne strongly lifting the effectiveness of campaigns.
Says Di Santo: "Our portfolio of print and digital products along with these new apps and AccessOne, mean we'll be engaging with our audience even more often and for longer, and advertisers will be able to better connect with audiences across multiple touch-points."

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