NRMA Insurance launches new brand platform and campaign via M&C Saatchi, Sydney

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 7.09.47 am.jpgNRMA Insurance has launched a new, big brand platform 'Insurance, NRMADE Better', via M&C Saatchi Sydney, in NSW, QLD and ACT, demonstrating how Australia's leading insurer is aiming to make insurance better.

In the new campaign, first aired in Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra, NRMA Insurance will illustrate how the insurer is connected with customers, providing that peace of mind and protecting a customer's tomorrow.

Lead media is television, supported by radio, outdoor, cinema, social and digital display with a new tag line and brand positioning of 'Insurance, NRMADE Better'.

Says Jane Merrick, NRMA Insurance head of marketing: "The campaign is a new direction for the brand and we are excited to illustrate to our customers that when things go wrong, we are there to make things better and get them back on their feet.

"Better is our new benchmark, we believe the campaign will show how we offer more than insurance, its peace of mind and we are a leader in the market for consumer choice.

"With our longstanding experience helping customers, enabling better communities, we are proud to launch this new campaign and bring to life how our customers are in safe hands with us."

Says Tom McFarlane, M&C Saatchi regional creative director: "The new campaign is much more than just a new line. It's a new attitude and a promise made by NRMA Insurance to its customers. Like all good platforms it's built to stand the test of time."

Client: NRMA Insurance
Production Company: The Sweet Shop
Director: Melanie Bridge
Managing Director: Wilf Sweetland
Executive Producer: Edward Pontifex
Producer: Helen Morahan
Music Composer: Ramesh Sathiah/Song Zu

Agency: M&C Saatchi, Sydney
Regional Creative Director: Tom McFarlane
Creative Directors: Michael Andrews and Gary Dawson
Head of Moving Image: Rod James
Group Account Director: Jane Callister
Account Director: Tara Goh
Media Agency: Mediacom


Better by half said:

It's charming & you can't fault the insight, we certainly do all want better.

Nice, but... said:

Looks very, very,dated.No where near as good as H.E.L.P.

Jimmy said:

More twee music - more montage. More flat pictures. Must be another 60 second brand spot. Yawn.

Mike D said:

This is good like that Unworry campaign.

Nice said:

A charming little number.

Nice work M&C.

99% Strategy Free said:

I think the execution is quite lovely. On the downside, 'We are there to make things better' is a generic statement of intent, not an insight or even a unique proposition. Isn't 'we make things better' inherent in nearly every possible prop?

FBI said:

I really love the music.Is it a Sarah Blasko track?

Darren said:

The idea is OK but that music is terrible!

Kiwi Kid said:

Melanie Bridge... take a bow. Beautiful work.

JP said:

nice and charming, Nice move away from that suicidal minstrel.

Killjoy said:

Saw it last night. Not my cup of tea but my wife loved it.

Mel G said:

Insurance. Tough, joyless category to work on. So pretty good.

Larry said:

Haters will hate. Lovers will love. Ommm.

Ash said:

Like it.

Arabella said:

Loved the cat. Made me laugh.

Anna Krusis said:

Plucked badly-tuned string instruments (probably uke). Claps. Broken drum kit. Drippy chick singing badly. Oh god PLEASE can we move on from this style of music. So damn tired of it. Every bleeding' ad on TV has music like this. We can do better than this boring shite.

jim said:

Bloody Catchy track... is it licenced?

BSTboring said:

'Can', and now 'better' - M&C will argue their Brutal Simplicity of Thought mantra, but it's also generic and lazy,,,a catch all line that allows you to talk about everything but really now have a sharp point of view about anything. Having said that, leader brands can own the generic, but at least bring an interesting TOV, rather than this montage stuff

Menzel said:

Hey Anna Krusis maybe you hear a lot of this music because people really like it ,unlike your good self.but that's okay as well.we all like different music.but hey you can't fight populist.they're talking to a broad audience here.
Also show a smidge of respect to the professional musicians who played on it.
I don't think they would be out of tune.

ludwig said:

out of tune ...
In Fashion...

jimmy said:

@Better by half
Just because it's true that everyone wants better doesn't mean it's remotely relevant. It's not even an insight, just a generic motherhood statement.

Couldn't agree more.

Confused said:

As my pseudonym says "I am Confused"

Confusion exorcist said:

There's nothing to be confused about.
It's a tv commercial.
It's happy.
Has a very catchy music track.
People will like it .
Hopefully enough to get a quote from NRMA next time they need insurance.
There does that help?
(Don't let those strategy planners get inside your head)

Face ripoff said:

Wow, that's so early 2000's cute it made me vomit a tiny bit in my mouth.
Yay montage!

JJ said:

Beautifully crafted and a joy to watch. Unlike a lot of stuff out there at the moment ....

History repeats confusion exorcist said:

Unworry had all the same characteristics you speak of and didn't work.
I give this six months before they throw the entire budget into direct response.

I dont think that we should be so harsh on M&C here said:

It takes two baby...

It is the same clients who have been jumping around all over the place for a little while, no clear direction, no clear proposition, no clear leadership.

You can see the difference when a marketing team know what the brand stands for - M&C have done great work for brands like Comm Bank and Optus with clear propositions like this.

This isn't that clear though. I can smell every meeting and every little bit if feedback in this.

There will be the 'top of mind' comments and the 'likeability' etc but they have done campaigns like this in the past.

Time will be the test on this.

Sad said:

This is a creative forum.
Would all the over thinkers please go to that other place.
Not everything has to have a reason.
Not everything has to be rational.
This tvc is beautiful to look at and makes me feel good about nrma.
Most ads don't make me feel good about the co who made the ad.
Oh to just enjoy something viscerally.
I really like that feeling.

That'll do me said:

My sister's a busy housewife with no connection to the industry who just bought a new SUV and needs car insurance.

She said "I love that new NRMA ad it makes me feel happy I'm going to ring them".

Job done.

Better said:

I want TVC's to be better.

Joe said:

Nicely crafted spot. Well done to the Butchery too.

to those said:

that are saying just appreciate this as 'art' I would like to point out that everything we do must have purpose.

It must have strategy behind it.

With it out, you cannot judge it, it comes art.

This is a 'creative' blog and those who are responsible 'creatives' know this.

Grow up a little please.

Anthony said:

like the song, whats is it called?

nrmade better than the rest said:

Nrma is an experienced and premium brand.
Its like comparing genuine Gucci to the Chinese copies.
Its easy to sell cheap insurance. But will it make ur situation better after a claim?
Cheap isn't always good especially when it comes to ur hard earned assets and belongings.

CANDY said:

Where do I buy the rocking horse??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mitchell said:

Anyone know what the song is called? I love it

Tommo said:

Rocking horse came from an Antique shop in England called Antiquated.

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