Photographer and digital content director Jon Bader joins Carnival Productions' roster

Unknown[2].jpegCarnival Productions has continued to expand its uncompromising model of tabletop excellence by way of photographer and digital content director, Jon Bader.
Highly renowned food and still life photographer Bader carries his distinct, modern style into the world of motion and joins the ranks of Carnival's digital director / DOPs.
Says Bader: "Coming from a stills background, teaming up with Carnival gives me the perfect platform to develop my skills as a motion director and DOP.

"Combining my talents with food, product and talent with great production and facilities gives me the opportunity to offer a unique package under the already-trusted Carnival banner."
Bader's work is characterised by a clean, modern edge with fine attention to detail via a technical eye. Through years of experience in editorial and photographing over fifty cookbooks, he has a developed natural approach for creating beautiful images with high impact, and has worked with some of the world's biggest brands.
Says Ben O'Donnell, producer: "Like a cookbook coming to life, Jon's motion photography is the perfect segue from his beautiful editorial work. He is an advocate for the use of natural light where possible, so his subjects have a very contemporary feel, avoiding anything too overtly stylised.
"Jon also brings a fresh, doco style of shooting to his live action subjects - certainly what's needed in the ever-growing digital content arena of streamlined budgets and quick turnarounds."
Carnival's versatility continues to expand beyond its impressive Artarmon facilities into location shooting and in collaboration with creative hubs across Sydney and Brisbane.
Contact producers Benjamin O'Donnell or Ben Flaxman for enquiries: or +61 2 9493 6700

Click here to view Bader's new reel.


Joe said:

Good bunch of people at Carnival. Congratulations Jon for joining a great team.

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