Quit Victoria highlights smoking 'triggers' in the new anti-smoking campaign via JWT Melbourne

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 9.12.02 am.jpgQuit Victoria, a program of Cancer Council Victoria, has launched a new mass media public education campaign created by JWT Melbourne, which aims to encourage and motivate smokers to quit their tobacco habit by helping them identify what "triggers" them to smoke.

The 'Triggers' campaign comprises supporting elements launched this week , including 3 x 15 pre rolls, digital display, large format OOH, cross tracks, venue ads and coasters.

Michael Godwin, managing director of JWT Melbourne said Triggers deliberately sets a new communications course for Quit Victoria. He said it aims to cut through a normally response driven advertising sector and bring a devastating social issue to life by creating a campaign with a point of difference.

He said the new anti-smoking campaign is also Quit Victoria's first ever animated campaign about how to quit smoking for good.
Says Godwin: "JWT has a habit of creating behavioural change campaigns that are unique. Unlike previous Quit Victoria campaigns, Triggers provides supportive advice and encouragement to relapsed smokers and is a clear step away from the usual graphic anti-smoking campaigns."
Specifically targeted at 30-49 year old smokers, the campaign will help smokers think about what triggers their desire to smoke - such as stress and alcohol - and help them plan ways to deal with their tobacco cravings in advance.  Understanding these influences could be the key to quitting for good.

quittriggers.jpgSays Tim Holmes, creative director, JWT Melbourne: "Triggers is about empowering smokers to plan ahead and have the confidence, motivation and ability to recognise what triggers their desire to smoke so they can quit. Triggers changes the idea of quitting from something you 'just do' to something you consider ahead of time and are prepared for."

Quit Victoria acting director, Craig Sinclair, said many smokers struggled to quit for good in the face of common triggers like stress or socialising with friends.

Says Sinclair: "Research has shown that most smokers don't want to smoke but lack the confidence, self-awareness and skills to quit successfully. We hope this campaign will encourage smokers who might have made several unsuccessful quit attempts to consider preparing next time around by thinking about their smoking triggers and strategies for avoiding or better dealing with them."

Creative: JWT Melbourne
Production: Animade 


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