The NRL encourages Australians to take a bowel cancer detection survey in new spot via Banjo

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 10.31.25 am.jpgThe NRL has today unveiled a new campaign via Banjo, to tackle bowel cancer and encourage Australians to take a bowel cancer detection survey.

The 'NRL Kick Bowel Cancer' campaign has been produced in collaboration with The Gut Foundation, Cancer Council NSW and Bowel Cancer Australia.

The campaign will run across the 2014 NRL Telstra Finals Series with the aim of raising awareness, reducing stigmas and encouraging people to take action to prevent the disease.

Says Adam Check, NRL head of community: "Through the power of Rugby League and the voice of our players and our Ambassadors, we recognise that we can make a positive impact on issues like Bowel Cancer."

NRL ambassador Alan Tongue and Sharks team member Chris Heighington have thrown their support behind the campaign, having felt the impact of the disease with family members.

Heighington, who is also a Bowel Cancer Australia ambassador, stresses the importance of regular check-ups and seeking advice from your doctor.

Says Heighington: "The NRL Kick Bowel Cancer campaign is close to my heart with my dad being diagnosed at the age of 65.

"He was lucky enough to survive but not everyone is as fortunate. There is no shame in getting checked and going to your GP."

Tongue and Heighington have been joined by Josh Perry, Adam Macdougall, David Shillington, Mario Fenech and James Tedesco to support the cause and raise awareness of bowel cancer in Australia.

As part of the campaign the NRL has launched a television commercial and a website which hosts a bowel cancer risk assessment survey along with tips and information from partners, The Gut Foundation, Cancer Council NSW and Bowel Cancer Australia.

Says Tongue: "In Rugby League we talk about our preparation being the key to success. With bowel cancer it's the same thing - early detection plays a major role in beating the disease.

"So if you have any concerns always talk to your doctor as soon as possible" The bowel cancer detection survey can be visited at:

The TVC directed by Damon Cameron through Collider, and post production by Cutting Edge.

Says Andrew Varasdi, managing partner, Banjo: "Banjo was proud to work with such influential partners to develop the NRL kick bowel cancer campaign. Too many lives are unnecessarily lost to bowel cancer each year. We wanted to leverage the strength of the NRL's players and community to bring bowel cancer into the spotlight and give Australians a simple course of action to kick bowel cancer."


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A good solid kick up the bum can fix anything.

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Has the NRL changed agencies??

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