Woolworths launches new 'Cheap Cheap' TV commercials via Leo Burnett, Sydney

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 8.41.13 am.jpgWoolworths has launched the latest value television commercial via Leo Burnett Sydney, advertising its 'Cheap Cheap' bread.

The new campaign will run across TV, digital and out of home from today.


Client: Woolworths Limited
Chief Marketing Officer: Tony Phillips
Head of Campaign Management: Karen Madden
Campaign Managers: Sarah De La Mare, Charlotte Healey
Assistant Campaign Manager: Alex Wheeler
Chief Creative Officer - Andy DiLallo
Managing Director - Peter Bosilkovski
Creative Director - Scott Hignett
Creative Director - Joe Van Trump
Copywriter - Guy Futcher
Art Director - Brendan Donnelly
Group Account Director - Suzie Baker
Business Director - Courtney Robertson
Business Manager - Annabelle Ewen
Planning Director - Caroline Ghatt
Planner - Nicky Bryson
Production House - Alt
PR Agency: One Green Bean
Media Agency: Carat


DB said:

Wow, Woolies have turned into Coles. Who would have thought it

What the? said:

This such an OLD idea

GOLD said:

Small bird machines

no thanks said:

This work almost makes me pine for the good ol' retail days of Tuckerbag:

Jack said:

Fresh this ain't.Terrible idea, terrible execution.

Capn Birdseye said:

Birdseye but without the charm or finesse.

Big Red said:

ha ha ha aah ahhh ahaaa hahaaaa aaaaaahhhhhhhh. cough.

wow said:

What a pile of shit!

Portlandia said:

Put a bird on it!

Huh? said:

How much was that bread again?

wowwow said:

This is embarrassing for Woolies employees.

oh no...makes coles look clever said:

standards are down down down...all around!

Bird poo said:

Oh my Lord, absolute Shit, Shit.

30 Seconds of my life wasted, that I can't get back.

Why do they even bother.

Len said:

I was going to say it's a load of bird poo, but that's just a cheap shot! boom, boom.

Award winner said:

Whoever has been responsible for this recent lot of Woolworth's work lately, is slowly flushing Leo Burnett's precious reputation for doing great work, down the toilet.

Bmf fan said:

Makes me respect bmf for what they've done with Aldi compared to this propaganda.

Georgie said:

Clearly no one commenting here actually watches tv or how an ad break is delivered to Mrs Bloggs in Moonee Ponds... YouTube anyone?

Rum with it said:

Ah Leo's doing what ya need to do. Woolies the massive cash cow that keeps milking.
Then I see the epic Bundy ad on tv during the footy last night. Wow. Running these ads side by side leaves me scratching my head. Like two different agencies work.
Can't work out if you're playing a smart game or not.

A friend said:

Look, everybody has to do crap bread and butter ads, even Leo Burnett staff. That's just a part of life. What you don't have to do is attach your name to it and promote it on the blog. That's just crazy. If I were these boys, I would be having a serious chat to your PR dept (or Andy) quick smart.

Tom G said:

A cheap heap

Downfall said:

So fucking glad I don't work on this awful brand anymore. All I can say is that I genuinely hope it doesn't destroy Leo's creative reputation and drive to do great work.
Good luck Leo's, there's a tough road ahead.

Sad Status of affairs said:

Leo Burnett's creative standards have certainly gone Down, Down...

Steven said:

Geez, it may be down and dirty retail but this hits an all time low for Burnett's.

Makes the Bmf Aldi work look brilliant. At least Droga 5 tried to preserve some self respect when they had the Woolies business.

Oh my God. said:

Wow, that is so bad.

yeck said:

This client is so bad that no agency should touch them. Horrible people, horrible work, is it worth it?

Susan said:

You can't comment on this work if you have no idea what path has been trodden to get to this ad being made. It's going to work it's feathers off; mothers about town are already talking about it and love it. Kids are singing it and looking for the birds in store everywhere. Leos haven't made many mistakes, and for people to slur Leos creativity on this ad have never worked on a heavy retail client. It'll rise like a Phoenix.

@ Susan said:

Susan, it seems pretty obvious from the comments on this feed that you are wrong about people having no idea about the path they've trodden. I daresay a lot of people have indeed trodden, or more likely been shoved, down this very same path for this very client...at gunpoint...and nobody has enjoyed it in any way.
And yes, if it's true, people will be singing, tweeting, looking for birdies or whatever because it's all they are going to see and hear thanks to a media spend that very few can match.
For what it's worth, all the mothers I know can't stop squawking about Aldi.

@susan said:

Just so everyone’s aware, we have a client today on the blog. Everyone keep the noise and swearing to a minimum. Thanks, Front Reception.

Naive Yeck said:

@Yeck. Of course you're right. No agency should touch them. Who needs big clients whose big retainers contribute to paying for the cool space and those latest laptops agency people carry around. And who needs the same big clients who often effectively subside the creative opportunities, that win awards, but unfortunately contribute nothing to profit . Wake up. Grow up.


What a shit idea am I right?

tvh 111 said:

I am not going to bag it because people in glass houses should get dressed in the basement.
However I have a couple of ideas for a woollies campaign that I think would be hugely successful. Who do I talk to?

Cookie said:

Cheap! Cheap! Is how I would describe this ad. Really puts me off Woolworths and as someone commented they are now just like Coles. Cheap and nasty!
Thank goodness I have IGA up the road. I much prefer inexpensive and never buy anything I consider to be cheap.

balmain boycott said:

If you wanna see bad marketing, and have a truly shite shopper experience, go visit the Woolies in Balmain - known as "the most expensive Woollies in Australia" - even outstripping Woollies Double Pay (a great store and experience btw) - plus Balmain has recently revamped its layout at great expense only to result in around a third less product lines and more Select versions... The locals are Not Happy Jan - and that is checkable. But yes, Aldi ads are better by far tho I don't feel the urge to rush off to buy there, and Coles doesn't actually offend the intellect like Cheap Cheap does [Advertising 101] yet I would travel for their better choice, and IGA, whilst I wanna respect the work, sadly seems far far from an Oasis in the Desert. I predict a boy and girlcott coming on the insular peninsular - maybe they need to checkout of their advisor relationship, coz something is def not working... (Anyone know who consults to them BTW?? Is it E&Y or KPMG or P in the WC???)

Kevin Casey said:

First 3 times times I heard this song in Woolies, I though "Wow, they sure seem to be playing this old Michael Jackson/ Donny Osmond song on the radio a lot in here." Next time, it dawned on me: "Oh, this is some sort of rip-off song ad." Then, after several more listens, I worked out they were (maybe) saying "Cheap, cheap" in the song, though I wasn't 100% sure. So I actually tried to hear what the rest of the words to the song were. To this day, I have no clue - can't tell. No idea what she's singing here. Just sounds like an old song with some new, undecipherable words in it.

Bit of a fail as advertising. Especially since the last time I looked at the price of avocadoes in this store, they were $4.50 per avo. The opposite of cheap, cheap.

I pity the poor Woolies employees who have to listen to this horror on a continuous loop, all day, every day.

I'm off to Aldi's or IGA now.... Woolies sure does know how to drive customers out of its shops - well done!

Laughing at losers said:

What the hell? I came across this accidentally and can't imagine why an ad, bad or not, will stop you using a certain store or brand... idiots are in advertising too...

I had to comment, look at all the people just bitching about an ad... gotts be some exciting people, haha

santa said:

ha ha haaa

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