'You Never Lamb Alone' - Meat & Livestock launches new Lamb campaign via The Monkeys

MLA1004_5_Follow 3.jpgMeat & Livestock Australia (MLA) is bringing Australians together this spring with a new campaign, 'You Never Lamb Alone', the first work for lamb by The Monkeys since winning that slice of the business from long-term incumbent BMF.

The TVC shows a mum who unknowingly collects a following of people on the way home from the butcher after buying a selection of lamb cuts for dinner.

"Spring is a time when Australians cast aside their winter clothes and venture back out into the sunshine. They love a get together and when lamb is on the menu, people appear out of the woodwork," says Michael Edmonds, general manager global marketing at MLA.

Directed by The Glue Society (represented by Revolver), the commercial represents the first phase in an integrated campaign that unites Australians by reminding them that lamb is best when it's shared.

Says The Monkeys ECD Scott Nowell: "You never lamb alone. That's the rule."


GLADYS said:

Oh dear, a high bar set and the Monkeys fell at the first hurdle.

baaa said:


jimmy said:

awful. Is this even an idea. I saw it in an episode of THE GOODIES once and it was a lot funnier. hammy cutaways hoping for laughs too. fail.

Baa said:

It isn't award winning stuff but maybe women largely buy the lamb in the house. And maybe Sam aggressively shouting at them about how un-Australian it is not to eat lamb didn't really float her boat. This work certainly offers up a reason to buy lamb other than 'being a true Aussie', which lets face it, no one really gives a shit about except at a BBQs full of racists.

Wa said:

I'd expect to see this over the top "ham" performance in Singapore or Vietnam.
Just awful over the top performances.

@Baa said:

Given that Sam Kekovic ran for 10 years, I'm guessing it worked its socks off.

monkey see said:

monkey do.

How does this keep on happening?

Like every time! It must be very frustrating for them.

Shame said:

This is rubbish...

corned lamb said:

Corny as fuck. Cringed a bit.

Neil said:

Well I quite liked it.

It's ok... said:

I actually like this. Script could've been better but directed really well.

Anonymous said:

good work lachie

Sparker said:

I'm just a consumer but I really like this ad. It always makes me want to buy lamb.

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