AirAsia says 'discover more hidden away places' in new print work via Publicis Mojo, Brisbane

AirAsia ­ Hidden away places.jpgAirAsia, the world's best low cost airline, flies to over 120 destinations throughout Asia, many off the beaten track. It's the airline of choice for more adventurous travellers wanting to discover new and exciting places not easily found.

Their preferred guide to new places, Get Lost magazine, was the perfect location for a DPS by Publicis Mojo Brisbane.

In a publication full of colourful imagery, a blank spread appears with only the line 'Discover more hidden away places' and the AirAsia logo.

Looking a little closer, the reader is rewarded with an intricate miniature panorama of a remote Asian coastline tucked away in the gutter of the magazine.

Client: AirAsia
Agency: Publicis Mojo Brisbane
Creative Director: Andy Ward
Art Director: Ian de Raat
Writer: Andy Bird
Production: Lindsay Donaldson
Retoucher: Danny Joslyn
Account Service: Shaka Kane, Sarah McCabe, Emma Lloyd
AirAsia Marketing: Sturat Myerscough, Brendan McGruther, Gabriella Frigenti


Big Dog said:

Very nice ol' boy.

Lost said:

I thought some sort of liquid had been spilt onto the magazine.

Gutter to gutter bar said:

Please, please, please give me an award

Bob said:

Like it

Leezy said:

Good one, Wardy.

Matt said:

@ Dodgy - this makes me want to burn furniture in the back yard and create a slip'n'slide in the kitchen with canola oil.

Nice one boys.

macca said:

It's too try hard IMO will the average joe get this? NO. will it sell tickets? NO. Is it therefore effective? NO. nah it's a fail for me.

DL said:

In my best Andy Ward voice I say "superb"

The 90s called said:

"The client came to us with a brief to sell more tickets. So we came up with a press ad because nothing says hard to find places more than running a primarily blank ad in a magazine to a small circulation. The result: totally ineffective but at least we had something to enter into award shows"

Lovely idea but are we still seriously talking about single press ads?

Bald Wanker said:

Fucking beautiful.

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