ALDI releases ninth spot in its ongoing 'Like Brands. Only Cheaper' series via BMF Sydney

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 12.38.21 pm.jpgALDI has launched the 9th spot in its 'Like Brands. Only Cheaper' campaign via BMF, Sydney.


Managing Partner: Stephen McArdle
Executive Creative Director: Cam Blackley
Creative Director: Alex Booker & Philip Sicklinger
Art Director: Patrick Chambers & Alex Booker
Copywriter: Mark Carbone
Planning: Christina Aventi
Director: Jeff Low
Producer: Lucas Jenner
Production Company: Rabbit Content
Post Production: The Editors/White Chocolate
 Agency Producer: Mel Herbert
Editor: Bernard Garry
Music & Sound Production: Rumble Studios
DoP: Peter Eastgate
Group Account Director: Jonny Bucknall
Account Director: Aisling Salmaggi
Account Manager: Siena Shuttler & Katie Loverich
Client Contact: Sam Viney


Adland at its best said:

A lot of credits for an idea that's as old as advertising.

Well said:

That was one was terrible.

Mad Max Reference said:

I am the Nightrider.

Methuselah said:

An idea that is as old as me.
And this latest version was not even exhumed by BMF.
Items dug up and given the kiss of life by Aldi's London agency.
So please let's move on to something original.

You had one job... said:

for a spot with only 2 shots, why was it edited there? in the middle of a word.

bobthebuilder said:

Awesome. Nice to see funny ads amongst wallpaper.

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