Chanel No. 5 launches new 'The One That I Want' film via Baz Luhrmann's Bazmark and Revolver

chanel_1.jpgChanel No. 5 has launched its new film 'The One That I Want' conceived by writer/director/producer Baz Luhrmann with production design by Catherine Martin, starring supermodel Gisele Bündchen and actor Michiel Huisman.

The film is evocative of Luhrmann's inimitable style, which beautifully encapsulates the essence of the brand that is Chanel. Working with his own production company, Bazmark and Sydney based production company Revolver, the project was EP'd by Paul Watters, GM of Bazmark, with Catherine Knapman and Michael Ritchie as EP/ producers. The film was edited by the incredibly solid Jonathan Redmond and all VFX work was beautifully put together by The Mill.


chanel_7.jpgLuhrmann asked production company Revolver to be involved after his experience working with managing director/ EP Ritchie on his two previous campaigns; Chanel's 'No.5: The Film' starring Nicole Kidman in 2004 and the Tourism Australian campaign that Luhrmann produced 4 years after that.

This most recent Chanel film eclipses the previous two collaborations in terms of scale, beauty and degree of difficulty. The scope of the shoot spanned from New York to the Pacific to capture a single day in what the audience could see as a romantic expression of Bündchen's life. Depicted through a series of beautifully crafted vignettes we see the Brazilian supermodel discover a letter left by her husband and the emotional day that follows. Set to a genuinely unique and moving version of the Grease ballad "You're The One That I Want", performed by Lo-Fang, we find, in the end, that love eclipses all.

chanel_10.jpgSays Luhrmann: "The Chanel woman can be with herself on a beach, can be with her child, can have an aspirational and fulfilling work life, and at the same time she can have a true relationship; she can have romance. And in the end, the Chanel woman chooses love."

Says Ritchie: "It has been the most challenging commercial production I have ever been involved with. Baz artistically generates, motivates and executes better than anyone else can. Put that potency and vision also in the hands of Catherine Martin and the results are sumptuous. I am truly honoured to be a part of this production."

Concept/Writer/Producer/Director - Baz Luhrmann
Production Designer - Catherine Martin
Production Company - Bazmark
Executive Producer - Paul Watters
Principal Line Production Company - Revolver
Executive Producer/Producer - Catherine Knapman
Executive Producer/Producer - Michael Ritchie
Principal Cinematographer - Mandy Walker
Cinematographer - Simon Duggan
Editor - Jonathan Redmond
Post Production & Visual Effects - The Mill
Visual Effects Supervisor/2d Lead - Corey Brown
US Line Production Company - Biscuit Filmworks
US Line Producer - Nina Shiffman
Australian Unit Production Manager - Alexandra Taussig
Surf Unit Production Company - World Wide Mind
Surf Unit/2nd Unit Director - Ben Nott
Surf Unit/2nd Unit Line Producer - Tim Duffy
Surf Unit Camera Operator - Scott Soens
Surf Unit Camera Operator - Jamie Alac

Music - 'You're The One That I Want' performed by Lo-Fang


Chico said:

Got half way through and decided to go back and watch the Wollongong Chico ad.......

Go Baz said:

Love the excess. Love the extraordinary budget. Love it's Baz, Catherine, Mandy Walker and photographer Hugh Stewart. Love how incredibly far fetched. Bravo, but I'm sure others will hate.

Noice said:

Wow Wow Wow. Such a joy to see something extravagant, lush and sexy in these frugal times where commercials appear so dull and povo.

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