cummins&partners ranks #10 in BRW Fast Starters list; WiTH Collective ranks in at #46

Sean-Cummins.jpgBRW has recently published its Fast Starters list for 2014. BRW Fast Starters is a list of Australia's fastest growing young companies (three years or older). The list features companies from a diverse set of business sectors, with seven companies from the 'Marketing and Media' sector making the list.
cummins&partners was the only Marketing and Media sector company in the top 10, ranking at #10, with a growth rate of 22% and turnover approaching $30 million annually.
Says Sean Cummins (left), global CEO: "Our fast growth is testimony to a refreshing business model of creative and media working more closely together. It's further evidence that we have created something quite special and we are absolutely chuffed to have made the list."
Says Chris Jeffares, managing director: "We have been working hard since starting on 1.1.11. The team we have built are amazing and we are all on a journey to re-shape the marketing communications landscape. We aim to maintain the growth, whilst we continue to deliver great results for our clients."

WiTH Collective was the next company from the 'Marketing and Media' sector to rank in. The company ranked in at #46, up from #56 in 2013, with a growth rate of 23%

Other companies who ranked in the 'Marketing and Media' sector include Opentop at #54, The Performance Factory at #72, Connect Events at #88, GMG Digital at #91 and Heard Marketing at #97.

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A polite question said:

Do companies nominate themselves first?

worthy said:

Gotta hand it to Sean, he is a great businessman. If Cummins sorted out their mediocre creative product, they could be as big as Clems one day.

props said:

This is pretty impressive people.

I think they have Clems in their sights. And their creative work? Mediocre? More so than any other agency? Come on...i think they're pretty good. Like Specsavers a lot.

Just admit it they are good. And save the schadenfreude for once.

Turnover and revenue said:

Seriously, how does BRW choose? Is it their opinion, or do they choose from businesses that nominate themselves? Either way, well done, but I'm genuinely curious.

worthy said:

I mean mediocre quite literally - the work is of a medium level. It's on the most part, OK. That's not being nasty, just truthful. Few agencies are what I would call high level, but it is certainly worth aspiring to.

@Ho Hum said:

Props seemed to like the specsavers work before it even launched. So I guess we know where they work.

sean knows how to build an agency though, regardless of what you think of the work. huge respect for his business acumen.

Turnover said:

$30m turnover sounds great but is meaningless.
Anyone who runs a business knows that.

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