Devondale to drive loyalty with the launch of new Matilda's Dairy Dash game via Oxygen Interactive

Dairy Dash 02.jpgIn a first for Australia's farmer-owned dairy company, Devondale has launched Matilda's Dairy Dash via Oxygen Interactive, in a bid to combat the pressure of discounting from private label brands and to drive loyalty among mums.

The campaign fronted by Matilda, the Devondale Cow, uses mobile gaming, a consumer promotion and a printing technology new to Australia whereby unique codes are only revealed on packs once they're chilled.

Matilda's Dairy Dash, available on IOS, Android and Facebook, leverages the popularity of games like Candy Crush and incentivises and rewards consumers who purchase Devondale Long Life and chilled milk with the chance of instantly winning a share of $100,000.

Kit Rahman, Devondale marketing manager, said the well-loved brand faced a number of challenges.

Says Rahman: "With our Long Life milk, the issue has always been around driving consumption and repeat purchase. We know that if consumers put the product in the fridge, rather than their pantry, they're far more likely to consume it. Therefore this promotion is a prompt to chill the product straight away."

Consumers can play the game for free, however to play for a share of the prize pool, they need a unique code that's found on pack. In addition, players are encouraged with bonus prizes tokens to socially share their game successes such as level completions and prize wins.

Devondale will also use the game to communicate its brand story and the product range as well as its status as a Co-operative and an Australian owned company, which it believes will resonate highly with its target market.

Says Iain Crittenden, strategy director, Oxygen Interactive: "The really nice thing about this campaign is it takes everything that's great about loyalty and promotions and technology and wraps the whole experience up in a fun, engaging and addictive mobile game.

"It has a tangible link to consumption, tells the brand story in a fun and immersive way, utilises a cool printing technology and rewards consumers for their loyalty."

The game has launched with an iOS version through the App Store, an Android version available through Google play and a Facebook version on the Devondale Facebook page. All three can be accessed via

Devondale Long Life and chilled milk featuring the promotional stickers will appear in-store over the coming weeks.

Client: Murray Goulburn
Suzanne Douglas - General Manager, Innovations, Marketing & Special Projects Pam Burnett - Head of Retail Marketing
Kit Rahman - Marketing Manager, Devondale
Rebecca Lowth - Marketing Manager
Laura Gomez-Gracia - Senior Brand Manager Milk and Cream

Agency: Oxygen Interactive Marketing Tobie Cameron - Creative Director Iain Crittenden - Strategy Director Janet Glass - Art Director

Daniel Buttigieg - Head of Studio
Linda Simoni - Senior Account Manager Sarah Martins - Producer
Suvi Thammasarn - Senior Developer Adam Kollwitz - Designer


... said:

Pity my code was already redeemed when I got it home. Might want to check that the codes only show up when chilled?

TiredB said:

'...' - I thought the same thing but then I worked out some of the code is already printed (7 digits) and visable but you still need to chill the pack to reveal the extra hidden digits so even if your sticker was tampered with on shelf to reveal some of the code, it won't be the whole code so you should be able to use it.

suzannelily said:

love this game! Though regularly the game just cuts out, what's with it because I am too long on the pc, less than an hour usually?

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