Edge creates online video series for beyondblue and Heads Up campaign via JWT, Melbourne

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 7.33.38 am.jpgLeading content marketing agency Edge has delivered a highly successful video and content campaign for beyondblue and the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance's Heads Up workplace initiative.
Edge was commissioned by lead agency JWT, Melbourne to produce content to support the activity of a JWT-led digital newsroom through a series of 25 thought-provoking online videos and six animations for Heads Up. This was part of a broader engagement strategy aimed at raising awareness among business leaders and managers in large, medium and small businesses around Australia.

The Heads Up campaign achieved some outstanding results. Over 90,000 people watched each of the top three videos highlighting productivity gains, steps for successfully implementing a healthy workplace action plan and how to become an employer of choice. This exceeded all expectations.
Over the six week campaign period, the average engagement across all content was 1.68 percent, approximately 420.5 percent above average.  For all campaign content produced by Edge and JWT, such as blog articles, infographics and videos, the average engagement was 1.86 percent, with the top 10 pieces of content at 2.9 percent.
Content produced by Edge included infographics and videos which promoted the benefits of a mentally healthy workplace, motivated audiences to take proactive steps to implement a Heads Up Action Plan and showcased Australian businesses which shared their experiences. This was to demonstrate the value of mentally healthy workplaces by providing a channel for Australian voices to be heard.
The 25 videos included testimonials from CFA Victoria, Monash Health, Lend Lease, Wesfarmers, Linfox and state and territory-based chambers of commerce, as well as an infographic approach to the animated videos.
Syas Elena Papola, Edge general manager: "As society becomes increasingly time poor, we need to look for ways to convey messages more efficiently and effectively. Not only does video present a unique opportunity to step into the lives of other employers through branded storytelling, it also has the power to drive emotions in a profound way. The engagement levels from this campaign demonstrated this."
Says Kevin Lim, head of film at Edge: "To focus on the human element within a workplace we used a flat and symmetrical frame composition and employed 'negatives framing'. As a number of the videos contained complex concepts, we utilised an infographic approach to animations to punctuate the key points of the voiceovers. How these visual metaphors transitioned from scene to scene was important in making the videos streamlined."
beyondblue's CEO, Georgie Harman said mentally healthy workplaces are positive and productive, and get the best out of their people.
Says Harman: "With 59 percent of executives preferring to watch video over reading text, video was an important vehicle for connecting with business leaders and managers about the importance of supporting people with mental health conditions and creating mentally healthy workplaces around Australia.
"The engagement levels of the campaign exceeded our expectations. The work of Edge and JWT contributed to the enormous success of the campaign. We have had over 100,000 unique visitors to the Heads Up website with several thousand businesses registering for ongoing information and resource updates. Many are preparing customised Heads Up Action Plans to implement in their businesses. These important steps have the potential to help the one in five employees in our country who is experiencing a mental health condition right now. Mentally healthy workplaces are also more productive and have a positive impact on businesses' bottom lines, meaning that creating them is a win-win situation for employers and employees alike."
Edge itself has taken on board the advice of the Heads Up campaign and has implemented positive steps to help create a mentally healthy workplace.
Edge has delivered branded video content for some of Australia's most renowned brands including Optus, AAMI, Bacardi Lion, Woolworths and Australia Post.
Client: beyondblue
Lead Agency: JWT
Lead Agency Manager: Kellie Lennon
Agency: Edge
General Manager: Elena Papola
Managing Editor: Abigail Murison
Production Company: Department of Moving Image
Director: Kevin Lim
Producer: Carla McConnell and Jessica Barclay-Lawton (live action) / Diane Yzaguirre (animation)
Director of Photography: Chris Mitskinis and Aaron McLisky
Editor: Kent Hau and Dylan Duclos
Sound Design and Mix: Noise International
Audio Producer: Erin Watson

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