Homebuyers Centre launches new 'Own It' campaign in WA + VIC via 303Lowe Perth

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 6.14.42 am.jpg303Lowe Perth are looking to reignite the 'Great Australian Dream' of owning a home in a new integrated brand platform for Homebuyers Centre.

The 'Own It' campaign is designed to evoke pride in home ownership, and create an emotional connection with potential first homebuyers by giving them a sense of why ownership is important.

The campaign will run in Western Australia and Victoria, kicking off with TV and then rolling out across online, social media, radio and outdoor advertising.

Homebuyers Centre Display Homes have also had a makeover as part of the campaign to feature some unique and fun messaging.

A second phase of the campaign will roll out in the coming weeks, this digitally lead campaign will incorporate an online competition, consumer-generated content and mini documentary films.

Says Richard Berney, creative director at 303Lowe: "The Great Australian Dream has been a staple concept for real estate marketers since the dawn of time. Owning your own home has ties to pride, success, and self- identity in Australian society. The big problem is, the dream now feels like it belongs to a previous generation. That's why we've set out to redefine why it's still important, and how Homebuyers Centre is making it possible for this generation."

Says Anna Lewy, marketing manager for Homebuyers Centre: "At Homebuyers Centre, we believe that when you own your own home, that's when life really starts. It's the excitement of moving into your first home and owning every element that makes up the home. We wanted to develop a campaign which tapped into the emotions of owning your home and with 303Lowe we are enthusiastic about bringing 'Own It' to the market."

Client: Homebuyers Centre
Marketing Manager Perth: Anna Lewy
Sales and Marketing Coordinator Perth: Adrienne Downes
Brand Manager Victoria: Chloe Royle

Agency: 303Lowe Perth
Business Director: Todd Baker
Business Manager: Charnre Terblanche

Business Coordinator: Steven Peles
Agency Producer: Kelly Dobbin
Creative Directors: Richard Berney, Steve Straw
Copywriters: Richard Berney, Steve Straw, Tom Wilson
Copy Designer: Luke Sweet
Planners: Derry Simpson/Libby Alcock
Digital Director: Peter Liddell
Digital Designer: Clayton Metaxas
Production Company: The Penguin Empire
Director: Corrie Jones
Sound: Brad Habbib - Soundbyte
Post Production: Siamese


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