Leo Burnett Sydney scores three at the shortlist round of LIA's Print / Poster / Billboard category

mccafe_BABY.jpgLeo Burnett Sydney is the only Australian agency who has made the cut at the shortlist stage of the LIA's Print / Poster / Billboard category.

The agency has scored all three finalists for McCafe 'Baby; Study; Party' Poster campaign in the Art Direction Campaign category as well as Use of Illustration Campaign and Consumer Campaign.

The Print / Poster / Billboard jury was lead by Dörte Spengler-Ahrens, executive creative director
Jung von Matt/Elbe, Hamburg.

The jury: Wade Alger, senior vice president/group creative director, The Martin Agency, Richmond; Jeremy Craigen, global creative director, adamandeveDDB, London; Richard Denney, executive creative director, DLKWLOWE, London; Rob Feakins, president/chief creative officer, Publicis Kaplan Thaler, New York; David Guerrero, chairman & chief creative officer, BBDO Guerrero/Proximity, Makati City; Gigi Lee, executive creative director, Y&R Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur and Santosh Padhi, co-founder/chief creative officer, Taproot India, Mumbai.

VIEW THE SHORTLIST - LIA PPB Shortlist 2014_Oct 13.xlsx


getitoutthere said:

love to know where the McCafe Heavy Night ad ran? another Rouse Hill job tageting bogan Mums??

Jesus said:

Who fucking cares?

Leo Burnett has a serious Award habit. Out of control.

God said:

@ Jesus, hush my son.

- God

Slow craft said:

Leo Burnett can't be touched for craft. They're so consistent.
Still, looking forward to finding out what publication this ran in once.

Tom said:

Not the Manly Daily-already checked!

Emil said:

On one of the creatives' websites there are pictures of it in-store, outside the store and pasted up on some wall somewhere.

Um... said:

That's great and everything but print is a dying medium. News Ltd sales down 15% year on year for many years now. Fairfax not exactly in great shape. You might have noticed magazine sales declining, and many mastheads closing. So focusing your energies on finely crafted print ads like this is kind of like going to community college to learn calligraphy or wood carving. An interesting hobby but commercially irrelevant.

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