Lexus targets younger market in latest 'This is the New Lexus' campaign for the NX via M&C Saatchi

LEXUS_NX_60_.jpgThe wraps have come off the new Lexus brand positioning with the launch of the NX crossover model via M&C Saatchi's first brand campaign for the luxury car marque since winning the business from long-term incumbent Saatchi & Saatchi back in May.
The 'This is the New Lexus' campaign centres on 'progressive new luxury, leaving old luxury behind' in the first of a number of model launches to target a new and younger audience.
The 60 and 30-second TVCs begin with the new NX being driven along a picturesque woodland lane to a classical music soundtrack.
However, the driver becomes increasingly agitated with the highbrow musical accompaniment and pulls over to reveal a twist and make a change that renders everything new.
The TVC fulfills the brief, to 'provoke an unexpected reaction'.
In addition to the TVC that went to air last night, the campaign rolls out with digital, outdoor, Print, CRM, dealerships and collateral executions.
Says Sean Hanley, Lexus Australia CEO: "This is a landmark campaign for us that perfectly captures the bold new direction we are taking Lexus.
"The bottom line is that Lexus is broadening its brand appeal across a far greater audience, so it was key to engage the audience with a more provocative, confident brand.
"We have always had a great product and leading customer service, but it was time to take it to another level.
"M&C Saatchi has achieved this with a real statement of change to launch our NX Crossover, the first of many exciting new models that we will bring to market."

Says Ben Welsh, M&C Saatchi executive creative director: "It's great to be back behind the wheel of a major car brand, especially one with such bold ambition and appetite to really shake things up. It's an exhilarating journey to be on with them."

In June Lexus appointed M&C Saatchi to a full brand and retail remit following a pitch.
Client: Lexus Australia
Agency: M&C Saatchi
Executive Creative Director: Ben Welsh
Creative Director: Paul Dunne
Head of Art: Ant Larcombe
Group head: Nick Russo
Group Account Director: Paula Marreiros
Account Director: Lauren Trace
Director: Graeme Burfoot
Production Company: The Feds
Producer: Julianne Shelton
Executive Producer: Michael Cook
Senior TV Producer: Loren August


Joe said:

Car ad with a twist, I like it

JED said:

Caught me by surprise.Unusual these days.Good work.

bowral said:

Brilliant. Reminds me of a company conference I once drove to in a Statesman.

wow said:

that is a shocker

C said:

Something that could have worked but doesn't.

Minty said:

I was hoping he'd kick those string musicians out and he did, well played.

Strategist said:

A confident brand wouldn't have to tell the world in such an obvious way what they are trying to do, you just do it. Planners have clearly made this and by-passed the creative dept. Nice try, but I still wouldn't buy one or think differently of Lexus.

Er... said:

Er, isn't "pursuit of perfection" the old brand positioning?

And, yes, this is a bit average.

And why isn't there an Asian girl with 6-inch long pink eyelashes in it?

Jax said:

Made me like Lexus more.
And far better work than most other car commercials on air.
Car looks good too.
Anyone for a Holden ad?

shake said:

sorry Ben W, this isn't shaking anything up in any way. it's wallpaper like all of the other car comms in australia

raz said:

Nice one burf

Yabooty said:

Um hate to tell ya Shake but car sales are at a record high-just maybe some of that wallpaper is working.
This one made me smile.

Like said:

i like this

That is all

Love it, but been done. said:
bobthebuidler said:

@JED What caught me by surprise is your comment.

Wow! said:

Wow! They've transformed my brand perception of Lexus in such a powerful way they've now become irresistible to me.

The brand now aligns perfectly with my lifestyle aspirations. And I'm ideally positioned in the customer lifecycle to run and and buy one. No two! No three!

M&C you have got me this time you little devils!

Amazed said:

@Wow! I presume your tongue is firmly in cheek?

Joan said:

What is the name of the music used in this ad?

Ironic said:

Of ALL the music M&C Saatchi could have chosen to disparage, they picked one of the most enduring and brilliant pieces of music ever written (Mozart's piano concerto no.21, 2nd movement.) Mozart was 29 when he wrote it for the trendy, young Viennese public. He was also anything but highbrow (in fact, he was extremely lewd). Ironically, it is because his music was considered so "unexpected and new" that he had trouble getting an audience, which crippled him financially.

I'm 30, so I find the implied message about classical music merely inaccurate. To many Lexus customers though, it may just imply something a bit more offensive.

Here is a "fixed" version of the ad, which has started doing the rounds on Facebook:

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