Lockwood says 'give 'em the finger' in new spots promoting its Keyless Entry products via Bengar

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 11.30.49 am.jpgIconic Australian brand Lockwood aims to change perceptions of the humble front door lock in an entertaining campaign by Bengar in Melbourne which introduces Lockwoodʼs new Keyless Entry technology.

Says Nick Penny, business manager marketing: "People seem to think that the home front door lock is just a piece of hardware that opens and closes a door -- we aim to change that. We want to show audiences how Lockwood Keyless Entry products can integrate into their lives with convenience."

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 7.45.53 am.jpgSays Ben Gartland, director, Bengar: "Everyone has a story to tell of being locked out of their house or losing their keys, so we decided to explore territory where Lockwood Keyless entry saves the day with a simple action - using the finger. With Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 7.46.01 am.jpgʻGive em the finger, we say no to lockouts, no to carrying keys, and no to unwanted guests."
In three humorous scenarios, Bengar explore the embarrassment of being locked out on rubbish-day, changing the pin code on prickly in-laws and how to get out of a weird key party situation.

Says Gartland: "To enhance the storytelling nature of these precarious situations, we were lucky enough to track down Will Ferrellʼs Anchorman inspiration Mort Crim, to voice our Lockwood stories. He loved the idea which was really exciting."

Business Manager Marketing: Nick Penny
Agency: Bengar
Production: Bengar
Creative Director: Ben Gartland
Media buyer: Punch Media
Director Accounts: Catherine Gunn

Producer: Melina Flood
Director: Ben Gartland
Production Manager: Keith Bradley
DOP: John Wheeler
1st Assistant Camera: Sunny Wilding
2nd Assistant Camera: Simon Walsh
Writer: Michael Princi
Gaffer: Colin Williams
Grip: Greg Wallace
Wardrobe: Penny Dickinson
Art Dept: Jackson Dickie
Production Assistant: Keith Bradley
Make Up: Natalie Burley
Unit: Dan Kruger

Locations: Monty Montague
Editor: Bengar
Colourist: CJ Dobson
Post audio: Method

Talent Agencies: MRM, CPM, Epic, Mode, Star Now, Southern Cross Animal Stars


Jude Slaw said:

Great spots. Looks like a cohesive team who didnt take its eye off the comedy. Great direction and I'm betting on a tight budget. Good stuff. Makes the Exit's/Goodoils/revolvers/Sweetshops look like robbers. And I REALLY have nothing to do with this campaign or anyone involved.

yep said:

Thumbs up for the finger

yup said:

Make that two thumbs up.

Rocky and Bullwinkle said:

Cute and quirky

Tug Carlson said:

Nice work here

keyed up said:

Great spots. Entertaining and give you a real understanding of the product.
Love the casting. Well done Ben.

Former Che said:

Not very impressive, Could the humour be more obvious?

Power-Man said:

Bengar Films .... Bringing mediocre to the few once again

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