News Corp Australia launches new 'Extra Extra' consumer campaign via Archibald / Williams

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 9.00.50 am.jpgUPDATED TO INCLUDE TVCs

News Corp Australia has launched a new consumer marketing campaign via Archibald / Williams.

Titled 'Extra Extra', the campaign is the company's first major national acquisition campaign since it relaunched its digital subscriptions under The Daily Telegraph+, Herald Sun+, The Courier-Mail+ and The Advertiser+ brands.


The Courier-Mail creative.jpgThe campaign highlights all the benefits of being a member to these mastheads including unrestricted access on any device at any time to the best news, sport and entertainment from News Corp Australia's journalists and opinion from Australia's best commentators. Membership also includes access to the +Rewards membership program which gives subscribers special extras, exclusives and experiences including complimentary music streaming from Rdio, complimentary eBooks from HarperCollins and a range of annual digital magazine subscriptions from titles such as Vogue Australia, GQ and Donna Hay for just $1.

Members now also have access to News Corp Australia's tablet apps, which bring the paper to life like never before. For members, these new apps are available at no extra cost.

The Daily Telegraph creative.jpgFrom this week, the campaign is being progressively rolled out across Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia through out-of-home, in-paper, digital, direct mail and TV creative executions.

It will feature some of News Corp Australia's best journalists and contributors such as Mark Robinson, Michael Warner, Jon Ralph and Andrew Rule in Victoria; Simon Benson, Phil Rothfield, Sarrah LeMarquand, Annette Sharp and Matt Moran in New South Wales; Des Houghton, Kylie Lang, Dennis Atkins, Robert Craddock and Frances Whiting in Queensland and Ali Clarke, Daniel Wills, Tony Love, Michelangelo Rucci and Matt Gilbertson in South Australia.

Says Damian Eales, News Corp Australia's group director - marketing: "Our journalism is at the heart of our business. It fundamentally differentiates our offer and puts us in another league in comparison to other news outlets. This campaign signifies our commitment to our journalism and our belief in our digital products. It is one of the biggest campaigns the company has executed in many, many years.

Herald Sun creative.jpg"The use of 'Extra Extra' nods to our heritage while at the same time promotes our extensive cross-platform offer to readers. It is a contemporary representation of who we are and what we offer as Australia's number one media company.

"With the roll-out of our new tablet apps, we can clearly demonstrate the incredible experience they offer, bringing news to life in new and exciting ways with more stories, more pictures, more video and more interactivity - benefiting both our readers and our advertisers.

"Today marks a step change in the value our 'plus' digital subscription packages offer our readers with more and better ways to consume our content than ever before."

The TVC launches in South Australia next week.
The TVCs are specific to The Daily Telegraph+, Herald Sun+, The Courier-Mail+ and The Advertiser+. They feature a commuter experiencing each newspaper's recently launched iPad app, together with some of News Corp Australia's best journalists and contributors demonstrating how the app experience brings news to life.
Says Eales: "With the TVC, we are illustrating how our next generation metropolitan iPad apps bring the newspaper to life in a creative and imaginative way.
"Our journalists and journalism differentiates us from other news outlets. They are the reason why almost 4.5 million readers come to The Daily Telegraph; more than four million readers go to the Herald Sun; why more than three million readers turn to The Courier-Mail; and why almost 1.7 million readers engage with The Advertiser for the best news, sport and entertainment. By having our journalists and contributors feature with prominence in our campaign and TVCs, we are effectively communicating the core of what we offer readers.
"In addition, our recently launched iPad apps complete our multi-platform suite of products included in our digital subscription membership that give readers our unrestricted access to our content on any device at any time of the day."


Rupees said:

a big pitch and this is what they get?

Rupert said:

Did they really need an agency for this? Looks like something the marketing team put together.

Oh dear said:


bet it was cheap said:

No creative creative work - perfect won't offend anyone

Gobsmacked said:

And AJF lost the account to these guys for why???

You mean I can get a terrible paper I don't want, bundled with a whole heap of arbitrarily selected other crap I also don't want? Wow.

I do like how the double meaning of 'Extra Extra' was explained to me though in the PR release. I didn't get it before then.

jimmy said:

people go to a news limited paper cos they're stupid. and this ad is worse.

No Credits? said:

Whoever directed these stinkers is thanking his lucky stars they forgot to credit him.

But at least he got to stage a scene where it clearly looks like the Premier of NSW is having a job interview on a train with 3 of the vilest human beings in existence.

More of the same dross from Archibald Williams - the fake Ad Agency that a fake news organisation rightly deserves.

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