Numbers tell extraordinary stories in Penfolds' new campaign via Leagas Delaney, London

Numbers_Campaign_16.10.14.jpgToday Penfolds has launched its new 'Numbers Can Be Extraordinary' brand campaign conceived and delivered by Leagas Delaney, London.

Developed across print, digital and OOH, the campaign will run globally including Australasia, the United Kingdom, America and Asia.

In a deliberate break from the standard conventions of the wine category, the new campaign, shot in Paris by renowned and respected luxury brands photographer Maud Remy Lonvis, is designed to be distinctive across all media. It combines breath-taking photography with intriguing facts about the numbers that define Penfolds iconic wines.

Numbers_Campaign_60.jpgThe campaign idea owns the concept of numbers by connecting the brand with contemporary culture and a luxury lifestyle, from jet setting travel to objects of great craftsmanship and beauty - all things aspirational to a global luxurian.

The monochromatic nature of the main image photography, the white space and the accent colour of the red in the branding and bottle imagery utilise Penfolds colour palette in order to powerfully brand the campaign.

The campaign will run in English as well as Mandarin and German, taking audiences on an inspiring and intellectual journey through The Penfolds Collection.

The campaign extols the virtues of various treasured Penfolds numbers spanning 170 years of winemaking history, including the number '60', a significant milestone as the brand celebrates 60 consecutive vintage releases of Grange.

Says Simon Marton, Chief Marketing Officer, Penfolds: "Numbers are at the heart of our wines and Penfolds make certain numbers mean something extraordinary. The quality and magic of Penfolds is evoked through numbers and we are using numbers as the code to unlock the stories behind the brand."

Says Remi Rasenberg, managing director, Leagas Delaney: "We are thrilled with what has resulted from a trusted and inspiring creative partnership with Penfolds. We know and value that the brand and its new campaign deserve a sense of beauty and creative intelligence that is more than just a product campaign and instead a tangible expression of its DNA. The new campaign successfully reinforces Penfolds status as a global, luxury brand and will delight and captivate its audience with its myth, intrigue and emotion."

Agency: Leagas Delaney, London
Creative: Tim Delaney
Creative: Nigel Roberts
Creative: Martina Langer
Creative: Chris Felstead
Creative: Adam Arber
Account Director: Sarita Parekh
Photography: Maud Remy Lonvis
Client: Tammy Atlee / Penfolds.


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Extraordinary agency. Ordinary (and irrelevant) campaign.

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