Telstra brings Australian-Indian audiences more of what they love this Diwali, the festival of lights in a new print campaign via MultiConnexions

Telstra Diwali Creative.jpgTelstra and multicultural communications partner, MultiConnexions, have released a creative campaign for Diwali, the festival of lights.

The creative features a Bollywood superstar from a timeless hit film that's deep-rooted in Indian popular culture. The lamp in the actress' hands is a very significant symbol for the festival of Diwali which celebrates light over darkness, good over evil and the start of a prosperous and joyous year.
The Diwali creative is an extension of Telstra's successful Telstra Home Bundle - Global campaign, which targeted Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean audiences through culturally tailored creative that focused on the passion point of entertainment. This limited edition creative will appear in selected Diwali print editions in Australia and on major Indian digital destinations as skins.
MultiConnexions CEO/ director strategy & insights, Sheba Nandkeolyar, describes the creative as "a timely and culturally relevant creative as part of a successful, insights-driven campaign. The visual reference is extremely exciting to the audience, as it speaks to their passion for Bollywood entertainment, with an important reference to Diwali, the festival of lights. This adds to Telstra's ongoing presence and goodwill with the Indian and wider South Asian audience."
Strategy - MultiConnexions
Creative - MultiConnexions (image courtesy of Eros Films)
Media - MultiConnexions


Shwaa said:

I love this.

I love how Magic Lady is making lights with the power of her mind.

It's awesome.

Hey, has anyone else noticed how slow things have become in adland recently?

Love it! said:

I'm Indian and this speaks to me in a very powerful way. I dream of beautiful magical women like this.

I'm calling Optus immediately to disconnect all of my accounts. I wouldn't miss an opportunity to speak with this beautiful Indian woman. Maybe she'll marry me!

Groucho said:

Having exported so many jobs to India it is not surprising Telstra is exploiting the culture.

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