The Names Agency and 2c Management combine to become new photographic talent agency Union

shearer_figaro_1.jpgThe combined skill and expertise of two of Australia's leading photographic talent management agencies, The Names Agency & 2c Management has combined to form a new super agency Union. 

Spearheaded by three of the industry's pioneers, Annabel Blackett, Julie Marshall, and Tammy McLean, Union represents the combined and UNION_logo.jpgformidable artistry of both agencies.

Says Marshall, CEO: "Independently, we were both successful, but together we can pool our collective areas of expertise to halo across the divisions within the agency. The "union" better services both the artists we represent, and the clients requiring a broad skill base."
The move is totally geared to the changing landscape and requirements of an industry, which has undergone enormous changes in the past few years.

Says Blackett: "Our talent are looking to us for growth opportunities, that can also build on their social media impact, their earning capacity, and at the same time expand their capabilities to maximise a clients need. We see a tonne of opportunity growing our "director" and "digital" divisions, and expand ways to provide income streams outside of a day rate to our artists."

This is about being a future-facing agency, offering pro-active and creative solutions to both the advertising and editorial communities.

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Victoria Pearse said:

CONGRATULATIONS on the above from cousin Vicky!!

Gilbert van Reenen responded to my FB message of a year ago and says hallo and fond memories of Shirley . He would like to contact you for old times sake!!!
What is best email for you and may I pass it on to him??
xo vicky

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