NRMA insurance launches third instalment in its repositioning campaign via M&C Saatchi, Sydney

NRMA_Car_Insurance.jpgM&C Saatchi has shown how car insurance can be NRMADE BETTER in the third instalment of its repositioning campaign for the nation's largest insurer.
The campaign, that has rolled out on TV, Radio, Digital and Social, takes a light-hearted approach to the fact that with NRMA Insurance you are covered for anyone who drives your car.

The TV spot features a man struggling to start his car on a suburban street when he is then offered help from a passerby.
The owner steps out of his car to give it a push while the helper drives. This leads to a moment of panic, as the helper appears to help himself and drive away with the car before a happy resolution.
Says Ben Welsh, executive creative director, M&C Saatchi: "Things always seem better when you're smiling, especially car insurance when you have the level of cover NRMA Insurance offers. So our aim was to deliver the new NRMA Insurance attitude of 'Better' with a smile."

M&C Saatchi was appointed by NRMA Insurance, SGIC and SGIO last April and followed with the launch of the NRMADE BETTER big brand platform.
It quickly backed up the launch with a campaign that featured a gang of burglar possums to promote NRMA Home Buildings and Contents Insurance.


Congratulations guys said:

This is brilliant work.

Well done. Heads held high today I bet.

reg said:


Me G said:

Made me smile on an otherwise dreary day.
This campaign coming along very nicely.

Classic! said:

The bit where he drives off and you think he's gone but then he comes back again. Genius.

Early contender for ad of the year.

Ally said:

Nice casting.Nice timing.Big tick from me and the two housemates who were watching it with me.

rob said:

Good casting, just don't do any AAMI and turn him into a Rhonda!

Hi Matt said:

Glad you like your agency's ad.

Dan said:

Hi there Hi Matt.Why so cynical?It is a really nice spot.
People like it. Congrats M andC.

Gregg said:

Ahhh its funny cause he's fat…right?

SueB said:

I recognise this street, but can't place it! I'm thinking it's around Earlwood or Marrickville. Does anyone know??

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