Renault asks 'what does your car say about you?' in a brand new campaign via TASK2 and Plan B

Renault Clio 1.jpgBurgeoning communications businesses TASK2 & Plan B are continuing to work on major projects for prestige automotive brand Renault.
It continues a momentous 12 months for TASK2 that's seen the business more than double in size and set itself up for another cracking year in 2015.

TASK2 & Plan B's latest work for Renault has gone to air with an integrated television, digital and print campaign for the Renault Clio.
The campaign is derived from the insight that we all make assumptions about people based on the car they drive. The TVC shows a Clio driver reflecting on some automotive stereotypes, as she drives through the city - showing the sort of person who owns a Renault Clio.
The campaign sits under the new tagline "Renault Clio. It says you".
Says Matt Vandermark, creative director: "It's been great to work with Jude Lamb (Renault model line manager - passenger) and David Henderson (marketing director), the team at Renault are amazing, the most refreshingly no bullshit marketers I've worked with in a long time."
Says Michael Cleary, partner, TASK2: "Renault deeply understand their brand and the market place. There is a real clarity to their thinking. It's genuinely exciting to be collaborating with them."
The campaign was developed with TASK2's unique business model, using its own talented internal staff with specialist creative partners when needed. Plan B provided creative development and supervision. The same team is currently completing other Renault projects including the launch of the new Renault Captur and the Renault Sports range.

Advertising Agency - TASK2 / PLAN B
Plan B Creative Director: Matthew Vandermark
TASK2 Partner: Michael Cleary 
Head of Production: Iain Todd
Senior Project Manager: Annette Morris
Director: Scott Pickett
Executive Producer: Nick Simkins
Producer: Sarah Nichols
Production Company: Jungleboys
DOP: Steve Windon
1st AD: Nikki Long
Post House: Method
Editor: Dan Mitchell
Sound House: We Love Jam


Doug Watson said:

Great positioning. However the spot is too negative. It suggests the driver is judgemental and arrogant rather than happy to be a bit different ,standing out from the crowd, feeling special. That may make more sense to an early adopter who doesnt want to be a sheep in a Corolla or Mazda 3.

On side said:

I'm well on the driver's side on this one. Nice light hearted spot that made me have a little chuckle. A spot that hits the spot.

Ed said:

Highly relatable & charming. Tick, tick, well done.

Greg said:

Is there anyone else who meets her approval?This car says she is superior to everyone who is different to her (Renaults are for snobs)

Dude what's it say said:

The ad was great, but without you saying what that car says about her makes us think, and not good thoughts, she seems to be an arrogant thinking that this car means that, and that car means this, she's judgy, like cmon you told us what other cars supposedly meant the drivers are, why not tell us what the Renault Clio means the driver is? Is she a prostitute, a clown, homeless or as we usually assume judgmental.

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