Budget Direct releases 'Temple of Risk' - second spot in Captain Risky series via 303Lowe, Sydney

CAPTAIN-RISKY-SECOND-SPOT.jpgBudget Direct has released the second spot in its Captain Risky series, which kicked off at the start of the year via 303Lowe, Sydney.  

Living off the grid has its advantages - space to build and test a jet pack for example, but a risky lifestyle needs power, lots of it. Captain Risky's Solar array has taken generating power to the next level.... it's hot tub time!

The campaign features Captain Risky engaging in the high-risk activities that Budget Direct will not insure. The aim of the campaign is to highlight how Budget Direct can provide Australians with award winning, lower insurance premiums because they are smart about the people they insure.

The campaign was directed by Hamish Rothwell via production company Goodoil, with effects by Alt VFX.

View Captain Risky's very own website
There's also a page on the website where Budget Direct dives into why they don't insure Captain Risky.

ECD: Richard Morgan
Copywriter: Sean Larkin
Art Director: Adam Whitehead
Head of Business Management: Tony Dunseath
Business Director: Sophie O'Sullivan
Head of Strategy: Jon McKie
Agency Producer: Amanda Cain & Sean Ascroft
Director of Marketing & Digital: Jonathan Kerr
General Manager New Customer Acquisition: Paul Duggan
Campaign Manager: Jenni Osborne
Director: Hamish Rothwell
Production Company: GoodOil
Producer: Sam Long
DoP: Crighton Bone
Editor: Mark Burnett - The Editors
Edit House: The Editors
Music/ Sound: Song Zu
Photographer: Mat Baker,
Stills Production: Louis & Co.


Ty said:


Bad said:

That's terrible, not a patch on the first spot.....even if that one was a mash up of you tube videos.

Question said:

Why does he have an American accent? Is this for American car insurance?

The Pitch said:

Imagine it with Bryan Brown. As the sub-plot of Along Came Polly. Could work

Lenny said:

I'm liking this.

At least it's not the previous campaign with aliens or the creepy old bloke and young girl in the shower doing "Boo-jay, boo-jay".

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