Dragon Alliance promotes Nike SB sunglasses release with new web film via Media Playground

NIKE-SP-glasses.jpgBrisbane is fast becoming a global magnet for film crews and renowned brands to set up their lights, cameras and shout action!

Perhaps it's the postcard worthy weather but the world is learning that there's actually a vast amount of un-tapped talent in the river city. Let's not forget Brisbane-based agency Josephmark recently just completed the new Myspace website.

So it's no surprise that Dragon Alliance, a company who lead the creation of eyewear and accessories for boarders everywhere chose to descend upon Brisbane with Media Playground in tow for a fresh take on their upcoming Nike SB sunglasses release.

Paying homage to the rebellious throwback ways of street skaters, the shoot weaved its way through a security-clad city locked down by the international G20 summit.

NIKE-SP-2.jpgWhile representatives were holed up the in their hotel rooms, there were a dozen cameras and drones shooting the Nike clad gang cruising through the CBD in the free flowing laid-back style that oozes effortlessly from skaters and this city.

Shooting was no-holds-barred capturing the good, the bad and the bitumen-biting ugly in a city that's far from anything Hollywood.

So impressed were Dragon Alliance and Nike SB, that Nike SB will be seeding the online video execution globally. For those of us in Australia, you'll see it showing at a City Beach near you.

"Media Playground's imaginative and engaging take on our initial brief led us to collaborate on the global launch of Nike SB sun wear in Brisbane, and we're rapt to see these early concepts come to life and be genuinely delivering above and beyond our expectations," says Zoe Neilson, marketing manager at Dragon Alliance.

Dragon Alliance  - Zoe Neilson
Media Playground - Travis White (Managing Director), Allan Hardy (Film & Production)
Music - Courtesy of Desmond Cheese

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