Kim Kirby joins 8 in executive producer role

Producer Kim Kirby (left) has joined 8 in an executive producing role. Kirby will work alongside managing director and executive producer, Katie Millington (right) to further expand the business, particularly in Australia. 

Says Millington: "I'm absolutely thrilled to be joining forces with KK. Kim brings a wealth of film experience from the UK and Australia, a bundle of local industry knowledge and a genuine love for the business. Her energy is infectious, she's clever, crafty and fun. Kim gave me a leg up in the industry not so many years ago, so it feels serendipitous that we're now working together. This is going to be a big year for 8, not to mention lunch times just got a whole lot more interesting."
Says Kirby: "Collaborating with Katie Millington and Mike Vanderfield was a no brainer for me. They should both be really proud of the culture they've built at 8. I've always loved Mike and Katie is an inspiration. Never have I met somebody with such diverse and clever ideas. We are all about to start a very rewarding journey." 

With a stable of 10 directors and the announcement of a new addition to the roster to be made shortly, 8 has offices in Surry Hills, Sydney and Freemans Bay, Auckland. 

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Tia Penney said:

Wow what a killer team! Gorgeous.

its all bang said:

Congrats KK, this is great news! awesome team...

Jo said:

YAY KIM congratulations! We worked together in London. Top chick. Wishing you the best of luck in the new gig. Jo

its all bang said:

Congrats KK awesome news!

thelonglunch said:

Only in advertising would you get a press release like that with accompanying (glamour) shot. Who said the 80's were dead.

Hot said:

Smoking Hot.

Sha-wing! said:

Love working with Kim, look forward to big things from 8 this year!

Katie Millington said:

thelonglunch, how right you are. Sadly it appears the 80’s are alive and well thanks to the thread of comments (lovely as most of them are) focusing on our picture rather than the content of the press release announcing career highs for two production executives.

Well Said said:

Well said Katie Millington. Brains and beauty. It's not just "the long lunch" just proves that while we are now in 2014, sexism remains alive and well in advertising.

Tete said:

Killer comment Katie. You're obviously a switched on MD/EP. Hope to work with you in the future as you seem to be my kind of producer.

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