The National Rugby League launches mega 2015 Telstra Premiership season campaign via MJW

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The National Rugby League has launched its 2015 Telstra Premiership season campaign today via MJW, with a spectacular media launch at the Sydney Opera House. 

It culminated in the unveiling of this year's highly anticipated launch commercial, which is set to the worldwide hit Let Me Entertain You by UK superstar Robbie Williams.

The blockbuster production shows fans enjoying NRL in their everyday lives, and culminates in the thrill and delight of going to a game. It's part of a marketing strategy to demonstrate how the Premiership unites and captivates people, at every level, in the spectacle and entertainment of rugby league.

The commercial also features Greg Inglis, Johnathan Thurston, James Segeyaro, Trent Hodkinson and a number of other high profile players.

Says Lewis Pullen, head of marketing, content and digital, NRL: "Robbie's song is the perfect fit for our premiership brand promise, and affirms NRL as the best 
form of sporting entertainment for fans and spectators alike. Our agency MJW has pulled out all stops to showcase just how exciting and inclusive that entertainment offering is."

MJW creative director Luke Chess is equally enthusiastic. 

Says Chess: "The spots are 
fun, they're light, they're great to watch. It's a mix of joy and spectacle we're carrying through into all our work in all media for the 2015 season."

The campaign and its anthem integrate across TV and online, print, radio and social media - even extending to in-game entertainment.

The NRL expects the advertising to help deliver strong attendance and viewership on the back of a very successful 2014 season. Last year's Finals Series and Grand Final were the code's best attended ever.

Client: NRL
Head of Marketing, Content and Digital: Lewis Pullen 
Brand Manager: Samantha Feyzeny
Agency: MJW
Brand Director: Tristan Hay 
Account Director: Linda Spina 
Strategy Director: Scott Davis 
Creative Director: Luke Chess 
Art Director: Jon Foye 
Producer: Baz Milas
Production: Heckler
Director: Justin McMillan
DOP: Tim Tregoning
Editor: Andrew Holmes
Executive Producer: Will Alexander
Producer: Johnny Greally 
Post-Producer: Tyrone Estephan 
Colourist: Christine Trodd
Audio Production: Rumble Studios


Well done Gandolf said:

Is that you singing?

Smell of Beard said:

Nice one Noj

Big Marn said:

Footy fans will love this. Nice one Chessy!

Pablo said:

I thought this was going to blow, but you guys cracked it. Congrats for getting it over the line. It ought to rack-up quite a few hits. The haka scene had me snorting with laughter!

I've already forgotten the code's pre-season woes.

Wont change anything said:

As a league fan from birth, I reckon this is OK...not awesome...just OK
Thurston and Inglis are heroes, and I like watching anything they do.
However there's is nothing the NRL can say or do that will convince me (or the majority of fans) to schlepp out to that shit stadium at Homebush for a footy match. not even a free ticket.
Move the Sydney games to SFS and then you will see attendances rise.
Sadly this ad sure as hell won't do it.

Union fan said:

League back on form. Nice.

Dally M said:

Oh well looks like the ad is a big hit with the Agency at least. This ad is beyond mediocre

Les Boyd said:

wow Pablo

you are obviously an AFL fan and you're being ironic, right?
Please guys, give us some damn emotion, some niggle, a Rabbits orgasm, a few tears, something that prompts a goose bump in the souls of the real fans. Before it's a spectacle, league is a war, and that's the difference.

Memory said:

Are you guys insane?

This is basically the same ad that ran last year (and was slagged off).

Glimpse of kids, shot of heroes hoping they don't get busted, wacky fans, stock footage, expensive song.

And the year before (slagged off).

And the year before. You guessed it, slagged off.

The only thing that is different is the CD.

Luke's a cool guy, but the ad is no better or worse than any of its ancestors.

If you like this you should apologize to the previous years' creators.

Maastermind said:

How can anyone say that this ad is the same as every other NRL launch ad? I mean for starters it's got that up and coming young pop sensation Robert Williams and his super hit "Let me debrain you" in it and uh.. Well there's uh ......

Pablo said:

Sorry @ Les, I should have used "sarcastica" font. Or to make it a bit more obvious, COCAINE SCANDAL AMIRITE?

Wanted to like this said:

But the direction in this is just woeful. Such rigid and forced performances sitting against such lively game footage.

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