Poll: Which is the hottest ad agency in Australia?

HOT+COLD-CHART-2015.jpgUPDATED - Campaign Brief thinks the hottest agency in Australia is Clemenger BBDO Melbourne - but what do we know?

So here's your chance to vote on which agency should have got the title. But you have to pick from our list of 8 contenders who we believe produced the best work in 2014:

Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne; M&C Saatchi, Sydney; The Monkeys, Sydney; Leo Burnett, Sydney; GPY&R, Sydney; DDB Melbourne; Leo Burnett, Melbourne, McCann, Melbourne

UPDATE: The response to our first CB Poll was overwhelming, using up the allocated 2088 votes in only a few hours (only one vote per device). Then we created a second poll, which attracted 4663 votes. And a final poll which attracted 7316 votes - an overall total of 14,067 votes.

So which agency came out on top? GPY&R Sydney got the most votes, followed by DDB Melbourne and Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne.



The real question said:

Which agency can mobilise it's staff/network quickest to spam the vote?

Phil said:

Can I vote for Taylor Swift?

Yep. said:

About as scientific as most research groups in advertising.

ET said:

In the Steven Spielberg movie ET, Why aliens are brown?

Yeah, Nah. said:

Even if you count all the people working at GPY&R and that they might have 3 devices each, that's still a lot of people in other agencies voting for them...

100% said:

anyone for trivial pursuit?

Luddite said:

Call me stupid, but WTF have GPY&R Sydney done to deserve this?

It's not a loaded question, I really want to know the kind of work they've done.

Also M&C Saatchi as NSW agency of the year. What's up with that?

Ntm said:

How many people work in advertising in Australia?

Karl said:

I don't think GPY&R Sydney should be on the list of options.

Anonymous said:

GPYR Sydney? Obviously with very little to do they've voted over and over for themselves.

Yes you are a luddite said:

I work at GPY&R Sydney and the work we did last year was pretty special: Rip Curl Search, Ajax Social Wipes, Junk Jukebox (for Waverley and Randwick Councils), Embers of Sympathy for the Red Cross and Transport for NSW Ride to Live would put us as a Top 8 contender.

Gary said:

Why are you even asking about these results? - all they show are which agencies bothered to vote in this.

@Yes you are a luddite said:

I literally haven't heard of any of these campaigns and I'm a proper advertising whore

@Luddite said:

If you're an advertising whore, you've been asleep over the last year (or are you - as I suspect - from the Advertising Old School looking through old annuals?) Google each of them and you'll find they're all very high profile campaigns and some of them highly awarded internationally.

Nooph said:

What a load of shit

Charlie said:

Dear Luddite.
M&C f@&:/!@ love people like you.
You make it all worthwhile.

Luddite said:

Glad you took the time to answer me whoever you are from George Patts.

Now can someone from M&C Saatchi explain why they're agency of the year for NSW?

Charlie said:

Um sorry Luddite but at the moment we are too busy at M&C winning business and awards to provide you with a detailed answer you pompous prat.
Why not ask those who judged B&T agency of the year-they are are,after all an unarguably qualified group.

Ninety Nine said:

Dear Mr Luddite.I do hope you are not attending the Adnews Agengy Of The Year awards tonight as it may prove ignominious.M&C are up for National Agency Of The Year this time-among other awards.
Yep another useless ,ill educated and possibly corrupt group of judges.
What's the fuckin' industry coming to?

BIG FISH said:

and lets not forget the little fish clearly doing big things;

Core, Sydney
The Reactor, Melbourne
RGA, Sydney
Disciple, Sydney

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