Spandau Ballet performs 'True' in woman's living room in smoothfm's new campaign via Big Red

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 8.56.56 am.jpgNOVA Entertainment has announced the launch of smoothfm's latest marketing campaign via Big Red, featuring the iconic international act Spandau Ballet, airing on commercial, pay TV and digital from Sunday 8 March.

The TVC highlights smoothfm's position of creating a moment of relaxation in everyone's busy lives. Using simple, beautiful imagery, the TVC reflects the mood created by smoothfm, set to Spandau Ballet's big hit "True".

Says Tony Thomas, NOVA Entertainment chief digital and marketing officer: "smoothfm's success is due to it playing a unique role in the busy lives of Australians and this TVC, along with the endorsement from such an amazing artist like Spandau Ballet, showcases the brands benefit beautifully."

Spandau Ballet recently launched the station's experiential live music brand "A Night With", and their hit singles regularly feature on smoothfm's playlist, making the group a natural choice to front the new campaign.

The new TVC is the second in a series that began with smoothfm's Michael BubleĢ "Haven't Met You Yet", the TVC that launched smoothfm into the radio landscape in May 2012.

Over the past three years smoothfm has become one of the fastest growing multi-platform media brands. smoothfm's Sydney and Melbourne stations continue to grow in audience and revenue, the station is now heard on DAB+ and became the first radio station to become a TV channel in Australia with the launch of smoothfm on Foxtel in December 2013. Most recently smoothfm has expanded into the experiential space with the launch of "A Night With" and the first Festival of Chocolate held in Sydney.

Spandau Ballet's latest album "The Story - The Very Best Of" is currently on sale and the band will tour around Australia in May 2015.


Big Work said:

Killing it Big Red. Absolutely. Killing. It.

Edward Norton said:

Didn't i already do this on tv?

Why we pay good money for directors said:

The idea, whilst hardly original, is sound.

But the execution?

Why is the band only at the end? Why is there no interaction between woman and band? Why are the band dressed in today's fashions and not 80s so you know who they are? Why aren't they in her bedroom?


wisdom. said:

Please, please, Spandau Ballet, enjoy your time Down Under but don't assume that because you're on the other side of the world, no-one sees the shit you're lured into.

Why oh why. said:

Big Red finally has a half decent idea then totally fucks up the production.

zzzzzzzz said:

I fell asleep, what happens in the end?

What's the idea? said:

Am I missing something?

PM said:

Who is the woman in the add?

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