Strangers fake an orgasm in Four Seasons Condoms' new video campaign via Emotive

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 10.14.08 am.jpgFour Seasons Condoms has appointed Emotive as its content marketing agency for 2015, responsible for social video, content strategy, delivery and amplification.

To launch the partnership Emotive has created a new video campaign that celebrates Mardi Gras called 'Are You Coming?' going live nationally today.

The objectives of this campaign was to promote the NAKED Condoms range, raising product awareness and promoting a safe sex message during Mardi Gras. The campaign combines and uses the full Emotive suite of products - create, amplify and advertise. A unique social video content piece was created and amplified through the use of influencers, social media and radio across ARN's KIIS network.
Says Charlie Leahy, executive creative director, Emotive: "The key to this activation was to create a video that not only entertains and connects with the audience on an emotional level, but also allows Four Seasons Condoms to communicate an important message in a humorous way.  Having looked into what was resonating with the audience, we came up with the concept that blends two classics - Meg Ryan's orgasm scene from 'When Harry Met Sally' and the 'First Kiss' digital smash hit. It was a slightly weird shoot but everyone involved got really in to it."
The social video content piece 'Are You Coming?' has been posted on the Four Seasons Condoms YouTube channel and promoted to their Facebook and Twitter fans.
In the first few hours of release, the video had over 20,000 views on Facebook.
Emotive launched three weeks ago in Australia, bringing a new model to the content marketing landscape - helping marketers inject emotion into video creation and guaranteeing that this content will be consumed by the right audience.
Central to the Four Seasons Condoms overall marketing strategy is a content led communications approach, leveraging Four Seasons Condoms owned assets to engage with their target audience through entertaining video. Emotive has been appointed to deliver exactly that via an always on strategy that quite literally positions the Four Seasons Condoms brand as an entertainment publisher.
Key to the strategy is the use of social video that is entertaining, timely and on brand. Emotive's new content marketing offering delivers an end to end service with video playing a pivotal role, as the greatest, most emotive, visible, responsive and powerful format available to brands. This is complemented with social amplification including the use of influencers, to ensure that the video created reaches the target audience.
Says Graham Porter, founder and managing director of Four Seasons Condoms, the Australian owned condom company: "Emotive's unique approach to content marketing made them an easy choice for Four Seasons Condoms to partner with. Our objective is to become an always-on publisher and given the entertaining nature of our products - emotionally charged content is key. I am thrilled to be working the team at Emotive and look forward to unveiling some exciting activations over the course of the year."
Executive Creative Director - Charlie Leahy
Director & Editor - Andrew Cameron
DOP - Evan Papageorgiou


Steve Dodds said:

Has anyone else noticed that, since GayTM last year, Mardi Gras has become the new dog training school of scam?

I live in the area and am being bombarded by all sorts of activations, experiential, one-off builds and all manner of Cannes friendly communications.

A year too late I suspect.

Sacha. said:

Dont think it is much different to what happen for xmas, easter, EOFY, Australia Day @Steve

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