Australia scores 11 more Pencils at D&AD; Leo Burnett Sydney leads Aussie pack with five

199630_84a309a6d5e044b78566bee2f5e31e6b.jpgGAYTMS.jpgDay two of judging has wrapped at D&AD resulting in Australia scoring a further 11 Pencils with Leo Burnett Sydney leading the pack with five Pencils.

Leo Burnett Sydney scored four Pencils in Crafts for Advertising category for WWF 'Tiger', 'Shark', 'Rhino' and 'Poachers Campaign' and a Pencil in Mobile Marketing for Samsung 'S-Drive'.

Whybin\TBWA Group Melbourne has scored two Pencils in the Integrated and White Pencil categories for ANZ 'GAYTMs'. Also scoring a White Pencil is DDB Melbourne for RSL Australia - 'Minute of Silence'.

Australian agencies scoring one Pencil apiece include JWT Sydney for Cancer Council NSW 'I Touch Myself Project' in Integrated; M&C Saatchi Sydney for Optus 'Clever Buoy' in Integrated; VML Australia for Ripcurl 'Search GPS' in Mobile Marketing.


Yep said:

Well done to LB. #unstoppable.

TheGoodOldDays said:

D&AD used to be the one to win, due to the scarcity of pencils awarded. The new format, in which everyone seems to have won, simply cheapens the process. "In-book" and "nomination" were the close-but-not-quite-brilliant accolades that drove creatives on to bigger and better things - hopefully a silver or gold in future years. But they are not pencils. My Linkedin is currently full of agencies congratulating themselves on "winning 3 or 4 pencils" when perhaps they haven't really won any yellow or black. While the everyone's-a-winner format may suit entry numbers and therefore profits at D&AD, it was the rarity of a pencil that made it so covetable

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