SPC redesigns family of cans across its brands under #MyFamilyCan via Leo Burnett Melbourne

SPC FAMILY CANS PR IMAGES - LEO BURNETT MELBOURNE.jpgSPC and Leo Burnett Melbourne have taken a novel approach to make food labelling clearer for Australian consumers. They have redesigned the labels on SPC's family of iconic brands to create a new family of cans called #MyFamilyCan.
Says Jason Williams, executive creative director, Leo Burnett Melbourne: "This idea allows us to respond to an Australia-wide conversation, and to steer it in the right direction. This is bigger than just food labelling. It's about supporting Aussie produce in general."

In store for the next three months, these labels will empower shoppers in Woolworths, Coles and selected independent supermarkets all over the nation. By buying these cans, consumers can see where their money is going and, importantly, where their food is from. Because that's what matters most.
Says Sandra Pereira, marketing & innovation director, SPC: "SPC stands by Australian growers who produce the cleanest, greenest and safest food in the world. We're proud to be associated with our growers and to do our part to market the obvious benefits of Australian grown and made products. This campaign genuinely brought tears to my eyes. I hope it helps Australian families shop with more confidence."
Along with heartfelt film content featuring Gary Godwill and his 86 year-old mother Dorothy, #MyFamilyCan will be supported by a substantial PR drive, print, POS, online and highly tactical social media which has already gained strong support in its early stages.

Agency: Leo Burnett Melbourne
ECD: Jason Williams
Senior Art Director: Blair Kimber
Senior Copywriter: Callum Fitzhardinge
Digital Art Director: Tim Shelley
Designer: Matt Portch
Head of Social: Chris Steele
GAD: Ari Sztal
Account Manager: Kenneth Chow
Production Manager: Kaelene Morton
Studio Manager: Chris Miles
Producer: Maria Borowski
Social Creative: Brandon Rice, Katelyn Testa & Matt Peters
Community Management: Jenni Rowbottom
Photography: Christopher Ireland, Pool Collective
Film Production: Pancho
Director: Adam Ciancio
DOP: Aaron Farrugia


First time contributor said:

This is ace.

Jonesy said:

Family is from Shepp, the vid really hit home for me.

Not A Farmer. said:

Well done LBM - What a video!
As for Dorothy, bless!

Em said:

Nice work, Kimber! Now turn your music down.

Luke said:

Sweet work Blair! Nice one

Jeremy Clarkson's Unemployment fund said:

I like it. Well done.

Millions of peaches said:

Great idea. So much emotion in the video. Nicely shot too.
Cheers Gaz and family.

Millions of peaches said:

Great idea. So much emotion in the video. Nicely shot too.
Cheers Gaz and family.

Andrew Burgess said:

Just saw your TERRIFIC campaign on Youtube supporting families in farming, bringing Australian Rural people to the perception of metroplitan people, and raising Australin Rural Producers up against the destruction of home branding and hidden predatory pricing. Well done all involved.

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