WWF Australia goes back to basics with new 'just' initiative and campaign via Leo Burnett, Sydney

just Outdoor - WWF and Leo Burnett.jpgWWF-Australia has launched 'just' via Leo Burnett Sydney, an initiative that shows how simple it is to make small changes that help make a difference for the planet - 'just' by replacing mass-produced and often wastefully-packaged household products with simple and natural alternatives.
The just range of alternatives feature natural ingredients packaged in earth-friendly, recyclable and biodegradable materials.

just Outdoor 2- WWF and Leo Burnett.jpgThe campaign highlights how a host of environmentally friendly and sustainable items such as lemons, grapefruit, honey, mint, ginger and vinegar can be used to substitute many household cleaning and beauty products we use every day. 
The just campaign is a response to WWF's Living Planet Report 2014, which highlights the toll our lifestyles are having on the natural world. The report reveals that humanity's demand on the planet is now more than 50 per cent greater than what nature can renew. It also shows that Australia has one of the world's largest ecological footprints per capita. According to the report, if the rest of the world lived like we do in Australia, we would need the regenerative capacity of 3.6 Earths to sustain our current demands on nature.
The just range will be available at selected locations throughout April. The cost? A simple social currency exchange - people can pick up just in return for sharing their experience on social media and using the hashtag #JustNatural to encourage more people to make small changes that can help create a cleaner and more sustainable future.
A dedicated website, just.net.au, features engaging 'how to' demonstration videos and encourages people to share their own ideas for additional just sustainable alternatives through social media.
just - WWF and Leo Burnett 2.jpgIn addition, specially designed outdoor interactive billboards with live just dispensers will roam Sydney, distributing the natural everyday alternatives.
Says Andy DiLallo, chief creative officer at Leo Burnett Sydney: "just shows that sometimes nature can provide us with everything we need.
"While we are proud of the range we have created, this is about more than products or brands. just is about sparking a change in just - WWF and Leo Burnett.jpgmindset that can help make a real difference for the planet."
Says Dermot O'Gorman, CEO WWF Australia: "The just initiative has been created to show there are simple and natural alternatives to many of the highly packaged goods people buy and use every day.
"Through the just campaign, we hope to highlight how a few small changes, done by many, can help reduce our ecological footprint. It's a way for people to think about where their products come from, how they are made and the impact they have on the planet. We want to encourage people to change the way they think and consider the environmental impact of their everyday choices."
Leo Burnett
Chief Creative Officer: Andy DiLallo
Executive Creative Directors: Vince Lagana & Grant McAloon
Art Director & Designer: Bruno Nakano
Copywriter: Bjoern Ingenleuf
Digital Designer: Jannifer Wong
Digital Developer: Keong Seet
Finished Artist: Nancy Yonathan
Integrated Producer: Cassie Collin
Group Business Director: Belinda Drew
Business Director: Samuel MacDonnell
Senior Business Manager: Natasha Floyer
Strategic Planner: Nicky Bryson
PR Director: Sophie Walton
Social Director: Vanessa Muller
Rapid Films
Director: Craig Rasmus
Producer: Rita Gagliardi
Co-Director: Simon Ingerson
Sydney Allen Printers
Dean Slater
Marketing & Engagement Director: Cristel Lee Leed     
National Manager - Brand, Marketing & Innovation: Marni Ryan
National Manager Communications - Phil Freeman


like clockwork said:

just in time for awards

Just said:

Just simple and simply love it.

Just one dubious site on grass near the harbour said:

With just 3 agency people standing near it.

Just typical Leo's award stuff.

Scam officer said:

Just stop it Leo's.

Really? said:

Great to see a real campaign that will truly connect with real jurors, I mean real Australians.

Just awesome. said:

@ Just one dubious site on grass near the harbour said,

I think you'll find this isn't one of the sites but was actually the PR release. Saw it in the news. And the gentlemen you see here is Dermot O'Gorman, CEO WWF Australia (not agency staff). If you actually took the time to read the article you'd also note that the products would be available at selected stores through April. Hardly a one off.

Well done Leo's. Great idea. Video'a are hilarious!

Typically haters will hate but you guys know that.

HaHa! said:

Nice work Leo's.

Ignore the bad bored bloggers. Probably the same people who thought Earth Hour was a scam. Too funny.

Fucking scam said:

Do it properly or don't do it at all.

@ Just Awesome said:

"The just range will be available at selected locations throughout April."

Yes, we've all read (and, in some cases, written) press releases before. Which store(s) will they be? I think we all know the answer.

Meh said:

So, we're to assume that "selected stores" will mean there are more than one?

Elma said:

Cool site. Cool idea. Videos are funny.

Ok then how many sites, how many products? said:

Actually, don't bother, we already know the answer.

About as many as the Coke machine.


I heart WWF said:

Videos shared to me on FB. F*#^ing funny stuff. Check them out - just.net.au

Not understanding the negative comments. A brilliantly simple idea for a beautiful brand that is trying to make a difference.

One thing I've noticed about living in Oz, you guys in the industry seem to hate each other behind closed doors but are so friendly at industry functions. Yes, I experienced this bitchiness too in the UK .... in high school!

Informed said:

Hardly Juniors that is the CEO of wwf standing in front of the Just product range at a media release for national press.

Innovative it isn't. said:

No shit. There's nothing new here. Method have been promoting this approach around the world for years, and they're not the only ones. https://www.methodhome.com.au

Get off the promotional tour and get back behind the desk and do some research, mate.

HappyHippy said:

@ Innovative it isn't,
Bad example and not as simple as just using nature - a lemon, honey, a cucumber etc. No product or purchase requires.
Innovative it isn't but I think that's the point.

Pope Francis said:

My cardinals and I enjoyed this idea.
My personal favorite video was this bath cleaner one - www.just.net.au
Made me chuckle out loud which sent echoes down the Vatican.
Promiting good for the world is always a good idea and using gods gift to us is brilliant.
Peace be with you all in this time of reflection and peace.
Happy Easter.

Just really nice said:

@ Innovative it isn't,
Why would I pay 8 bucks for a product from Method when I can just pick a lemon from my lemon tree for free etc. Many products promote all natural ingredients, nothing new here, but all are businesses trying to make money while producing unwarranted excess plastic! If they really cared they too would be promoting this WWF project.
Think you're missing the point.
I like this project and was surprised to learn so many natural alternatives. The shoe polish alternatives was my favorite.

@ i heart WWF said:

mate im so tired of hearing whinging poms telling us how things are done so much better in the UK. Please, by all means, fuck off back there...

The hatred of - I heart WWF said:

@I heart WWF
Please do us all a favour and bugger off back to Blighty or, better still, introduce yourself and I'll be an a$$hole to you at an awards night. Nobody wants you supercilious douchebags here. We're sick of your pallid, undernourished spirits, your physical gaucheness and your hamfisted attempts to patronise.

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