Creatives' children book 'Mike I Don't Like' shortlisted by Australian Book Industry

mike-i-dont-like (1).jpgKids' book Mike I Don't Like, penned by creatives Kate Burt (GPY&R) Jol Temple (creative consultant) and designed and illustrated by and associate creative director, Jon Foye (MJW) has been shortlisted by Australian Book Industry.

Published by ABC for Kids, it is one of only four books to be shortlisted for the Children's Book Design Category. This is the second time the creative collaboration has been recognized by the Australian Book Industry. Their first book Parrot Carrot was also nominated for book design in 2012.

The awards are announced Friday 22nd May.


Mr Squiggle said:

Wow. Nice one guys!

Steve Dodds said:

Well done Jol.

Luke said:

Onya Jon. You are a legend. Or at least, a myth.

Katrina said:

Congrats guys. Well done!

Pemulwuy said:

Nice work Temple Mount

Joel Pearson said:

Nice one Jol.

Dale said:

Top work Jol and Jon.

Dazza said:

Congrats Joly and Foye boy.

They won said:

THEY WON!!!!!!!!!!!!

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