Exit announces launch of EXIT&Friends with US production houses Smuggler, Reset and Tool

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 12.43.58 pm.jpgExit has announce the launch of EXIT&Friends, a new addition to the Exit brand which marks its longstanding and trusted friendships with US production houses Smuggler, Reset and Tool.

Being able to represent world class talent such as Ivan Zacharias, Adam Berg, Guy Shelmerdine, David Fincher, Randy Krallman, and Pes broadens our creative offerings to the Australian/NZ market place and stands to complement our already incredibly talented core roster.
Untitled-4.jpgThe collaborations to date have seen Exit producing some award winning and epic shoots, such as, Benji Weinsteins 'Viking' spot for V Energy, and the highly innovative campaign for Tourism Victoria 'The Remote Control Tourist' a collaboration between Exit, Tool and Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne.

These partnerships support Exit's belief that it is defined by the work it creates and the talented directors the production house represents. Announcing these friendships only strengthens that ethos and Exit is honored that Smuggler, Reset and Tool share those values and chose Exit to share them with.

Visit the new EXIT&friends website here.

For any enquirers regarding Exit or our Friends, please contact Kim Wildenburg kim@exit.com.au or Emma Lawrence emma@exit.com.au.


Eager said:

Can't wait to see if David Fincher is interested in my awesome $100K content idea. I think it's award winning. Looking forward to seeing his treatment (and the other 4). But in all seriousness, does this provide any cost savings compared to going to these companies directly? Basically Exit still acts as a facilitation company that provides marketing assistance here.

obvious said:

must make the local roster of Exit directors happy...not

I can still fit in some dessert said:

Feels a bit like when you get to a restaurant and the menu is 30 pages long... and you're scared how fresh some of the seafood dishes would be... so you panic and stick to what they're known for instead

exit through the giftshop said:

wow, i'm so incredibly happy in this news as an exit director!

producer said:

ask Peter Grasse about Martin Coppola's point system and think about how many scripts actually get through the filter. It is an amazing system tho.

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