TEDxSydney 2015 launches 'Pool' film for the forum's 2015 film program via BMF Australia

POOL_TEDx.jpgTEDxSydney has become the leading platform and pipeline for the propagation of Australian ideas, creativity, innovation and culture to the rest of the world. The event, that began today at the Sydney Opera House, blends talks, performances and specially produced films before a live audience of 2,300.

Under the theme, "Knowledge", TEDxSydney commissioned creative agency BMF to produce a film for its 2015 film program. The result is the following film titled "Pool".

Says Melanie Horkan, film curator, TEDxSydney: "Knowledge is a beautiful thing. But some things you just don't want to know. We search for unique vision and bold ideas for the film program. This year has been really exciting to discover new talent: the calibre of the short films is unprecedented. Many of the films are world premieres especially commissioned for TEDxSydney - a great platform for emerging filmmakers to build an audience."

Says Cam Blackley, executive creative director, BMF: "It's a real honour to produce a piece of content for Tedx. We threw everything at it and hopefully our film is enlightening."

The TEDxSydney film program consists of 12 short film debuts, including documentaries, animations and cinematic essays. Many of the films experiment with techniques such as stop motion animation, live action illustration and photographic collage.

Says Horkan: "Last year the TEDxSydney YouTube channel had 8.9 million hits in the first month alone. This year's program is shaping up to be just as popular. We are most definitely in for a cinematic treat today."

Executive Creative Director: Cam Blackley
Art Director: Dantie van Der Merwe
Copywriter: David Fraser
Agency Producer: Whitney Hawthorn
Director: Matt Weston
Producer: Whitney Hawthorn
Production Company: BMF/Brigade
Post Production: ALT VFX
VFX Supervisor: Jesse Bradstreet
Editor: Joe Kiely
Music: Joe Kiely
Sound Production: Brigade
DoP: Rodrigo Vidal Dawson
Production Managers : Caro Wallace and Brooke Mather
Client Contact: Melanie Horkan


is that it? said:

What a massively wasted opportunity.

Bad joke said:

Told badly.

Em said:

I like it. Funny and strangely still beautiful.

inside the pool said:

brilliantly done! congrats to bmf! knowledge does change perspective.

Viewer said:

Light, refreshing and a simple clever way that demonstrates the power of knowledge. Way better than some over baked pseudo intellectual bullshit.

Well done bmf.

inside the pool said:

Brilliantly shot BMF. Knowledge does give a new perspective. Not sure when I will go swimming. Congrats.

J said:

Blessed are the little film makers

Pissing myself said:

Love a good toilet gag.

Confused said:

Can someone please explain that to me?

RE: Confused said:

You really are dumb

Jon said:

Great work, Dantie and Dave. Bloody funny.

Contrived. said:

I think they fluffed this.

Jet said:

Well done guys - it had a lovely response during its showing - I laughed out loud.

Matty G said:

Beauty bonza.

Piss funny said:

I smoke bombed my you know what's. Well done BMF

Lowest common creative said:

This is what passes for an insight about knowledge. Hate to think what ideas hit the cutting room floor, so this one could pollute our eyeballs.

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