DDB Melbourne's Jordy Molloy and Chris Hanrahan win Young Lions Silver in Film

150629 Cannes Silver Chris and Jordy (1).jpgNews Corp Australia has announced Jordy Molloy and Chris Hanrahan of DDB Melbourne were awarded Young Lions Film Silver on the final day of the Cannes International Festival of Creativity.

Molloy and Hanrahan are in Cannes representing Australia  having won the 2015 Australian Young Lions competition which is run by News Corp Australia, the official Australian representative of the 2015 International Cannes Lions Festival. The Silver award caps off an exceptional year for the News Corp Young Lions program and follows the Young Lions Media Gold awarded to Jack Smyth and Chris Colter earlier in the week.
Says Sharb Farjami, director of national sales, News Corp Australia: "We're thrilled with the success our Cannes Young Lions have had in France this year. To come away with a gold and silver Young Lion award not only confirms the value in continuing to invest in young creative talent via the Australia Young Lions competition, but affirms the wealth of creative talent we have here in Australia. Congratulations to Jordy, Chris, Jack and Chris, you have done Australia proud."

The Young Lions Film challenge was to create supporting material for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and its new tagline "Together Possible" about humans uniting for the benefit of the planet. Teams had 48 hours to deliver on the brief.

Molloy said after hours of deliberating the pair landed on their simple idea - a message about how animals have been working as a team to stay alive for centuries, and now it's time for humans to work together to help animals survive.

To illustrate it, they created origami shapes of four animal species, and shot each one with an accompanying statistic about how they work together to enhance survival. For example dolphins hunt as a pack to trap fish in order to feed their entire pod; or how elephants will adopt orphan elephants to raise them.

They set up a studio in their hotel room, and produced the entire piece within those walls.

For Molloy, an art director with DDB, this was his second Cannes experience as a Young Lion, and certainly his best.

Says Molloy: "This has been an absolutely incredible experience, we have learnt so much and now winning silver, it is fantastic."

The judges admitted it was difficult to split out the top two entries from Australia and Germany. Despite Germany coming away with the Young Lion Film Gold, the Australian entry was praised for its simplicity, insights and excellent execution.


Honey Badger said:

Onya boys!!

Tess said:

Excellent, Jordy & Hank!

Alvin said:

Hank, you've earnt the missing pince.

Poland said:

I can't believe you let the Germans beat you. I hope you soiled their towels.

GK said:

Congrats boys. Hank - I bet it's no Matchstick Flick though.

Fritz said:

Well done lads!

Sleeping Korean said:

Lots of talent at DDB Melbourne by the looks of it. Quite good at ads too.

Ross said:

Great effort Hank, especially after those controversial shots of you on the red carpet at 4.30am getting busy!

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