Deja View: Is the latest Pampers 'Pooface' spot, via Saatchi & Saatchi London, too much like the 2012 BMF Sydney spot for ALDI Mamia Nappies?

Mamiababyface.jpgPampers-Pooface.jpgMany in the Australian ad industry would think that the latest Pampers 'Pooface' spot, via Saatchi & Saatchi London, looks very much like the commercial BMF Sydney did for ALDI Mamia Nappies 'Ready when you're not' back in 2012.


Further, CB has a series of questions regarding this after reading this article in Fast Company, especially where it says:

"Although the ad, directed by Olly Blackburn via Great Guns, does not officially break until July 7, it has already been greeted with acclaim, winning a bronze film Lion in the Toiletries, Cosmetics & Beauty category, a silver film craft Lion for casting and a bronze film craft Lion at this year's Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity."
How can it win at Cannes if it hasn't yet aired? Until after the Festival, the spot was nowhere to be seen on YouTube and no activity in #pamperspooface, either.

Eligibility in Cannes says ads have to be released to the public between 1 March 2014 and 30 April 2015.

The Mamia spot (which was entered in Cannes two years ago, but for some bizarre reason didn't even make it to shortlist) picked up awards across the globe including a Gold Clio, Silver and Bronze at LIA, a Bronze Pencil at The One Show, Silver at AWARD, Bronze in Spikes and Finalist in the New York Festivals and ACES.

It's a pretty well known ad internationally. Funny this year's Film and Film Craft jurors didn't pick up on Poofaces' originality.

The Mamia spot was directed by Scott Pickett via Australian production company Jungleboys.


Pooh Bear said:

Yes. Yes it is. Cannes is a Joke.

Cannes is a joke said:

Yeah, Cannes sucks! I mean, I haven't even won one!

Kathy said:

Advertising awards are a joke.
It amazes me that seemingly intelligent people still believe in them.

Never said:

So what if it is?
How many Oz ads have ripped off Pommy ads? Loads of them.
When you're dancing on the same dance floor, you're eventually gonna pull the same moves.

Who said:

Who was Aus judge? They should have spotted it.


Sure there are similarities but how can any one own the fact that babies pull a face when pooping? my own kids pull a poop face1 it is just an observation.

Also slow motion is nothing new and neither is theatrical music, i've seen lots of ads which use slow mo and that kind of music. Why can't people just enjoy a funny advert?

This speaks to moms and dads and makes us laugh! It is all about the Poo Faces babies pull, they have taken what I see everyday from my kid and made it like a movie. But some people will make a big deal out of anything for a story.

Same said:

Same same.
Been done.
I originally thought it was a remake.

Boof said:

The ad is a ripoff, and it's not as clever. Enough said.

Anon. said:

shit ads

LOLZ said:

Seen many ads from many brands using this "idea" this is the funniest though, you never think about poo faces until they mentioned it. I'm making one.

Lisamara said:

Different enough for me. So simple. So true. Made me laugh hard :-)

Of course it's the same said:

It's a complete rip off...

The award should be returned

OMG said:

It's such a rip off.

brad said:

I cannot fathom how anyone worth their advertising salt can say this is NOT a direct and blatant rip-off of the Aldi spot. It's exactly the same. same idea, same insight, same execution, albeit with better production vals. Here's how the conversation should have gone at Saatchi's that morning.....

Art Director: "dood...what about showing kids making cute poo faces?"
Copywriter: "Yeah that's cool...sounds super simple, wonder if anyone's done that before..hang on...(SFX: taping at keyboard)......
Art Director: SHIT! Ok, what else have you got?"

Saatchi employees stop defending your ad said:

It's in the name^^ Also, if you're going to rip off another ad so blatantly, make sure you change the art direction enough so aesthetically it actually looks different.

Funpolice said:

Overrated. One is babies pooping anywhere at anytime. One is about babies poop process? Similar styles indeed, both not groundbreaking, slow motion and classical...yawn.babies poo...great...

Katya said:

If you work for that category you just know the original work, specially if it's been awarded. They just decided to ignore it because it was coming from another country. At least they should have come up with a proper script.

Pete said:

any word from Cannes officials yet on how an ad that didn't meet the criteria was awarded? Or is it just another inconvenient truth about what a shame Cannes is?

Daniel said:

What's worse is the first spot is much better.

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