Wrigley's Extra set for extra-ordinary growth with global rebrand and multi-million dollar campaign

WRI Extra FRESH NEW POSTER Artwork.jpgWrigley's Extra has today announced a re-brand, bringing a fresh new look, but same great taste and "oral care credentials" of its flagship gum brand Extra to a global audience. To introduce the new look, Extra will be joining the dating conversation as a major sponsor of Network Ten's The Bachelor Australia, part of a multi-million dollar campaign.

The campaign will target consumers during their daily routine and will be supported with secondary media activity, including a heavy weight outdoor campaign, mobile, digital and social shopalites as well as in-store activations, designed to increase visibility and unlock new benchmark display opportunities. This is the first time that Extra has sponsored The Bachelor Australia which consistently ranked in the top 10 programs nationally when on air, reaches 50% of the population and is a social phenomenon regularly trending on Twitter. This mass appeal will help to educate consumers that the role of Extra in dating is to rescue you in moments when you want to impress.
The brand's fresh new global look features a shield, with a "glint", reinforcing that chewing sugar-free Extra is a great way to help keep teeth clean and healthy after eating and drinking. The refresh follows on from what has been a strong local performance year to date for Extra, with the first quarter of 2015 providing the highest value share since 2009.

Says Tami Cunningham, marketing director, Wrigley: "Extra believes that being at your best gives you the confidence to take advantage of whatever opportunities come your way, and this is a great fit with The Bachelor Australia.

"Our aim is to build brand salience though a mass integrated campaign. The sponsorship will enable us to talk to consumers in a fun and engaging way, demonstrating how Extra can boost your confidence to impress and express yourself in those critical dating occasions, and help you smile throughout the day. The campaign will enable us to communicate our new global visual identity, allowing shoppers to identify their favourite products immediately."

As part of the sponsorship, Extra will also have strong branding on the Network Ten series' touch points including the tenplay website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. To further amplify visibility and unlock new display opportunities in-store, the roll-out of the new re-brand will be supported with a heavy weight television campaign featuring Ashton Kutcher.


Freshness said:


WOW said:

That PR release is drunk on its own power

HARPO said:

I work for these guys and this looks great. We'll all be driving around in Beemers in no time. Good luck crew.

Dumbfounded said:

Never ceases to amaze me that FMCG giants spend millions on campaigns announcing their "new look" when they tweak their packaging design.

WHY said:

I've been buying the product for years and love it, why the need to change the packaging so un-inspiringly?

??? said:

Why? This reminds me of the cleaning products I use for my toilet...

Holy Hot Tub Time Machine said:

The pack and the ad looks like 1985

Mo said:

The Ashton Kutcher ads on TV at the moment feature the old pack design. Bizarre.

Hey Hot Tub said:

What's 1985 ever done to you? Leave 1985 alone, they didn't deserve to be brought in to this. 😎

Grumpy Grammar said:

So we bother with using a comma, but don't use a full stop at the end.
(When in fact the natural line break, type colour change does the job of separating the thoughts). Either use punctuation or not use it, don't half use it.

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