International director Aramique joins AIRBAG

ARAMIQUE AIRBAG 4 (1).jpgInternational director Aramique has signed with AIRBAG.

Aramique has forged a career as a leading creative talent working globally with immersive media, interactive installations and experimental storytelling. 

Aramique has big ideas and executions under his belt for Samsung, Nike, The XX, Acer, IBM, Intel and Cut/Copy.
ARAMIQUE AIRBAG 1.jpgA lot of Aramique's projects start as very open briefs and he generate ideas from scratch based on what he think works for the brand.

Says Aramique: "The wildest ideas happen when I get in at the strategy and brief level, from that point big stuff can develop veryARAMIQUE AIRBAG 2.jpg quickly."

Aramique doesn't work in a creative vacuum -  he get what clients want and need - and his direct client experience (Obscura Digital NYC amongst others) gives him an acute understanding of the need to not only deliver great work, but also to deliver social conversations and measurement around the ideas as well.

Says Robert Stock, MDARAMIQUE AIRBAG 3.jpg and EP, AIRBAG: "Aramique has some really strong connections to AIRBAG and Australia and we are thrilled he chose to work with us in the region. His work involves the application of lots of different new media, hardware and software, it's very much conceptually driven - not just visual or tech - more about the idea and the conversations around those ideas.  He also gets what we are doing at AIRBAG as a creative solutions collective collaborating together internally and with our clients."

Aramique joins other AIRBAG new media narrative specialist - GMUNK and Kit Webster - who continue to build on Steven Nicholson's impressive creative technology offering.

AIRBAG is a creative solutions company collaborating with clients in live action, VFX, creative technology and experiential. Aramique is represented by Tool in the USA.

For more information contact Robert Stock on +61417619449 or


Ste*V*en @AIRBAG said:

Guess I'll live with being called Stephen, if I get to work with Aramique on the next project. Perhaps I should come up with a one word name for myself too.

#exciting times. Nice work Stocky & Team Airbag. Big fan of Aramique.

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