Jackson Hitchcock and Sash O'Driscoll 's creative network Ideate unveils first challenge

different kind.jpgA new network for creative people has emerged in recent weeks with Melbourne Creative team Jackson Hitchcock and Sash O'Driscoll embarking on a project that encourages creatives to find time outside of the usual hustle and bustle of the industry to complete short and fun briefs.

There are no judges, no awards and no mandatories - just a network of over 60 creative people embarking on an experiment that will showcase the creative work people can do when no one is watching (and when creatives should be doing something else).
Art director O'Driscoll said that while she was excited by how many people had signed up so far, for the project to work, every single person needs to get involved. With a simple upload process and a well- designed web interface, Ideate is something that the creative community never knew they needed.

The first challenge is live until Sunday night (there are deadlines) and can be found at www.projectideate.com.

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