Yalumba introduces viewers to two sides of its brand in new cinema spot via KWP! Advertising

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 8.17.15 am.jpgYalumba is one of Australia's most iconic wine labels. Everyone knows the name but perceptions of what the brand stands for are sometimes one dimensional.

With this in mind, KWP! Advertising has set out to introduce wine consumers to two sides of Yalumba they had perhaps not discovered before.

Says Corey Swaffer, copywriter, KWP!: "Yalumba is a family owned winery and each of their wines is a member of the family. Yet they're all individuals. This insight inspired our creative thinking."

To bring the idea to life, KWP! brought Kojo on board with director Gemma Lee to create a new cinema commercial for Yalumba's Patchwork Shiraz and The Scribbler Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz.

Says Michael Gagliardi, art director, KWP!: "We thought Gemma would be great for this project because she has such a great eye for creating intriguing cinematic pieces and her attention to detail was impeccable."

The resulting spot is a sophisticated and captivating tale of alter egos.

Says Claire Doughty, Yalumba brand marketing manager: "This is us somewhat reinventing ourselves. Through revealing and portraying the personalities of these two wines, this commercial creates aspiration for the entire Yalumba collection."

The commercial is now running on cinema screens around Australia as part of a fully integrated campaign that also includes free-to-air television, digital content and point of purchase material.

Agency: KWP! Advertising
Creative Director: James Rickard
Creative Team: Corey Swaffer, Michael Gagliardi
Account Team: Tristan Glover, John Baker
Strategist: David O'Loughlin
Media Team: Natalie Morley, Lucy McFarlane
Agency Producer: Micky Grant
Production Company: Kojo
Director: Gemma Lee
DOP: Simon Ozolins
VFX Supervisor/Editor: Marty Pepper
Executive Producer: Jessica Norton
Producer: Matt Byrne
Sound Production Company: Reveal Music
Composer/Sound Engineer: Steeve Body
Client: Matt Taylor, Claire Doughty, Jacinta Gibson


KWAP said:

What he said.

Weapons Inspector said:

Baffling. Impenetrable. Says Nothing. But well shot!

Ah... said:

What the hell does it actually say?

Simpson aye said:

Lisa: Dad, was that your ad?
Homer: I don't know!?

NETFLIX AND CHILL ( i mean yalumba and chill) said:

this ad is as boring and incomprehensible as 99% of rich people I've ever met.

awesome male duckface at 0:21 btw lol

police woman said:

Cinema?! Love to know their stats to get that one across the line... same old media platforms like they've always done with this client.

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