Finch director Jae Morrison shoots new TV spots for Western Sydney University via WE.Collective

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 9.22.06 am.jpgCB Exclusive - As part of its multimillion dollar rebrand Western Sydney University, formerly UWS, has paved the way with a brave new approach to higher education advertising with its latest campaign directed by Finch director Jae Morrison though WE.Collective and VCD.

The campaign consisting of three spots, focuses on the real life stories of WSU alumni Deng Adut, Melissa Chiu and Jay Manley and the role the university played in their paths to success.

From the child soldier in the Sudanese Civil war to becoming a leading member of the Sudanese community and top lawyer in the suburbs of Western Sydney, Deng Adut's story is a phenomenal achievement of one man's dedication to helping others less fortunate in the face of great adversity.

The two other spots in the campaign tell the story of Melissa Chiu, who was displaced by Cyclone Tracy as a child and is now director of the world famous Hirshhorn Institute in Washington D.C, and Jay Manley, project manager of WSU's solar panelled car which competed in the World Solar Challenge and who is now a Tesla employee under Elon Musk's tutelage in Silicon Valley.

The campaign hopes to inspire future generations of students to show how vital education is in reaching your unlimited potential.

Agency: VCD + WE.Collective
Executive Creative Director: George Betsis
Agency Producer: Mandy Payne/ Tanja Perl
Client: Western Sydney University - Angelo Kourtis
Production Company: Finch
Director: Jae Morrison
Producer: Camilla Dehnert
Executive Producers: Rob Galluzzo/ Corey Esse
DOP: Ari Wegner
Art Director (DENG & MELISSA): Annie Beauchamp
Wardrobe (DENG & MELISSA): Brenda Hayward
Art Director (JAY): Neville Stevenson
Editor: Jo Scott
Visual Effects: BERYL
Music Track: Jarryd James "Do You Remember"
Sound Design: The Coopers Sound Design


Roundy said:

Saw these the other and thought they were great. The refugee one is really powerful and perfect in its launch timing considering the events of this past week. Well done.

Tommo said:

Beautiful work especially in light with the social issues at the moment. Congrats guys.

Pepper said:

This is the best thing on TV right now.

kimmie said:


AP said:

Powerful stories. Great work, guys.

Mike Hyde said:

yes. very good

Connor Beaver said:

Wow, isolated showers on my face. Well done all involved.

Massive props said:

That Deng spot is brilliant. Well done.

so nice said:

the refuge one was on worldstarhiphop - you know youve made it when youre on there!

Steve Callen said:


Jason said:

Nice work Jae.

Simon said:

This (Deng's story) has got to be one of the most powerful ads I've ever seen. It really does a great job at telling you, no matter what circumstances you're in, you can make it in WSU. Great work.

cory said:

brilliant. aspirational. brilliant. solid work all involved.

Pelle Pelle said:

Since seeing the Deng story on the ABC TV show GRUEN ive watched it 10+ times on youtube. Ive now seen the other two also very good.

Watched SBS program Insight where DENG appeared amazing and moving.

Barney said:

Great stories, beautifully told and well produced!
Great job all at VCD & WE.collective
Great re-branding.
Great Client.
Change is difficult for many to accept, but it's easy if you try.
What's hard to believe is that a university did it. Yeah, Western Sydney University was brave enough to trust its instinct and take a leap of faith. Really cool. Very memorable. Great piece of storytelling.

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