Legacy Week launches latest integrated fund- raising campaign via Clemenger BBDO, Sydney

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 11.38.46 am.jpgClemenger BBDO Sydney has launched a new campaign for Legacy Week which focuses on the families of Australian Defence Force Personnel.

Legacy Week started in 1942. It's the annual national appeal to raise awareness and funds for the families of our incapacitated and deceased veterans.

LegacyWeekPoster-Army-A4.jpgThe funds raised by Legacy selling badges this week will help them continue to assist approx. 90,000 widows and 1,900 children and people with disabilities Australia-wide, with essential services such as counselling, special housing, medical, advocacy and social support.
The creative work reminds people that for each serving Australian who risks everything, a family does the same. 
Thousands of Australian Defence Force Personnel are currently deployed overseas. Legacy stands ready to assist their families should the worst happen.
Legacy Australia chairman, David Gray, said the families of the dedicated men and women who serve their country deserve the recognition of their sacrifice and the LegacyWeekPoster-Navy-A4.jpgsupport of all Australians. He said a promise to look after the "missus and the kids" made by diggers in WWI to their mates who had fallen continues at the heart of what Legacy does today.

He also acknowledged the support of the chief of the Australian Defence Force, air marshal Mark Binskin, and that of the Australian Defence Force for this year's appeal.

Says Gray: "For each serving Australian who risks everything, a family does the same, and when Legacy is needed it is ready to provide support.

"Legacy cares for widows and dependants ranging in age between 3 weeks and 109, with all sharing the heartache of losing a loved one - either physically or LegacyWeekPoster-AirForce-A4.jpgmentally - which can last a lifetime.

"Legacy's role continues to evolve to accommodate the changing needs of the families we support, including those affected by Post Traumatic Stress, which it does while keeping the Legacy ethos that has served us proudly since 1923."
Says Paul Nagy, executive creative director at Clemenger BBDO Sydney: "Legacy are quite literally the only organisation of their kind in the world, and we're honoured to work with them.
"Legacy Week is the most important time of year for them - and we need Australia to dig deep.
This campaign is all about reminding Australia of the tremendous risk our service men & women - and their families - take, every time they are deployed. We hope it strikes an emotional chord and encourages people to buy a badge when they see the volunteers out and about."
Legacy: Jenny Walker, Gwynn Boyd, Carly Cullen, Debbie Cramsie.
Clemenger BBDO:
Executive Creative Director: Paul Nagy
Creative: Ben Clare / Brendan Willenberg, Dan White / Simon Gibson
Production: Katrina Maw
Planning: Jill Cummins
Account Management: Anna Willis, Holly Whiteley, Emily Perrett. 
Director: Derin Seale
Executive Producer: Corey Esse
Producer: Karen Bryson
Editor: Drew Thompson @ Method


sweet said:

Wow, it's been a while since i've seen smart print.
Nice. TV still discusses the other victims of war but feels slightly disconnected somehow.
Hope this creative work is super effective so the rest of us can reference smart work that works.

Richard said:

Don't really get it. The whole reverso thing messes with my head.
Hardest part about coming home is not knowing if you'll come home again next time? Does that mean he gets called back on multiple tours?
Or is coming home and leaving home just the same thing in everyone's eyes?
Seems like the technique is muscling in on the idea.

420blazeit said:

Look, Dicky. It's a good idea and Australian soldiers are just straight up top blokes. Don't over think the idea, just crack a tinny and think about our golden coastline and how peaceful it is cos of those blokes/ladies.

I didn't get it either.. said:

I didn't get the spot. I'm a fan of the director, and the agency and client, and other people involved in the production. I've only watched it once but it didn't make sense on a first viewing, at all.

Chicken Lickin' said:

Wanted to like it, but don't get it either.

What? said:

Huh? Me no understand?

The Great White Nope said:

Doesn't make an awful lot of sense to be honest.
It's strange how Clems Melbourne always nails the emotive, simple 30sec spot. Sydney seem to miss it by a mile.

Good said:


Pauline Hanson said:

Please explain?

My head hurts. said:

Tis a tad confusing guys?

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