Pizza Hut promotes its Chillidog and Cheesydog pizzas in new creative campaign via Host, Sydney

PH_Video Still_Hottie.jpgPizza Hut has today launched its new Chillidog and Cheesydog pizzas with a creative campaign via Host Sydney, spearheaded by two online videos that show the problems with being too hot and that being cheesy is good.

The new Chillidog Stuffed Crust features chilli sauce and a cheese-infused hot dog stuffed inside the crust of customers' favourite pizzas. With the addition of chilli sauce as the base sauce on the pizza, Chillidog Stuffed Crust is the perfect choice for those who like it a little bit hot.

PH_Video Still_Dad.jpgFor those not sure they can handle the heat, the Cheesydog Stuffed Crust features a cheese-infused hot dog stuffed into the crust of their favourite pizzas and finished with melted cheddar cheese on the outside making it perfect for those who like it a little bit cheesy.

The campaign sees two long-form videos 'Hotties' and 'Dads', appear across social channels and YouTube. They are supported online by 15-second spots and digital advertising, as well as a national and regional radio campaign.

The Chillidog Stuffed Crust, 'Hotties' video sees a number of good-looking people describing the downside of being a babe, pointing to the idea that being just a little bit hot is a good thing.

The video 'Dads', for Cheesydog Stuffed Crust, is released in time for Father's Day and features three lovable dads defending their right to tell dad jokes, arguing that a little bit of cheese is a good thing.

Says Fatima Syed, head of marketing and innovation, Pizza Hut Australia: "We are so excited to introduce these two new pizzas, both are not only great tasting but offer something for everyone - whether you like it a little bit hot or a little bit cheesy.

"We've brought in a lot of humour for this campaign, exploring the insight that a little bit of some things is often the right amount. We wanted to have fun and celebrate the family pizza occasion which has to cater to different taste preferences."

The Cheesydog and Chillidog Stuffed Crust pizzas are available nationally for a limited time are available with customers' favourite toppings. Both pizzas come with a mustard and tomato sauce sachet to finish it all off in true hot dog style.

Follow the campaign by visiting Pizza Hut Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or through campaign hashtags #phchillidog #phcheesydog.

Creative agency: Host
Production company: Moth Projects
Media: Mediacom
PR: Access


MB said:

great execution and clever direction saves a fairly awful looking product.
Hotties is well done.

Johnny said:

Funny shit. Was that Shanahan? Undertone is dark.
But that food- wow! Who makes that up...

Invest said:

With some money and a director and some casting, these ideas could have been good.
Shame they don't see the value in investing in their marketing.

Actors Guild said:

Terrible acting though.

Remember... said:

Remember how Host used to talk about "not being a creative agency"?
Well, it's still true.

420blazeit said:

Oi 'Invest',

So you're saying you've never worked with a client that has little money? Bro where you working, W&K Portland? I've got a resume bro, hook us up?

And 'Remember'

Look at your name bro. You've repeated it in the first line of the response. So technically it reads as "Remember remember how Host..."

Did you remember your grammar today?

Blaze it.

@420blazeit said:

This isn't a knock on Host, i actually really respect their work. It's some of the best in your country. It's a knock on the client who definitely has the money to invest but chooses not to. Are you saying they can't afford more? No, not WK, but nearby.

@420blazeit said:

You're my new favourite personality at the CB dinner table. Can you, me and Old CD guy spark one up together sometime? Holla at ya boiiii

@MB said:

Can you please explain your comment? What is great about the execution or clever with the direction? This is not a snarky comment I want to know why you feel this way.

420blazeit said:

I'd love to throw one up in the air with Old CD Guy. Seems like a bit of a tweaker, but I'll punch a billy with him.

just a very tiny little bit ok said:

but not good at all...trying hard... see it once is more than enough...feels like something a hipster would write trying to be hip

Jacky said:

funny. I laughed.

pugwash said:

I'd press 'skip' immediately after the first line. People with a brain also eat pizza.

yes and no said:

Dad spot was funny. Last scene killed the mood but otherwise sound.
Hotties felt contrived and wrong for the product. Just came off weird at the end.

Wrong format said:

I like them.
Maybe not as online films, they're too long and why would I want to watch them?.
But cut down as a 30sec tvc they'd be better than anything else in the category.

Bleedproof marker said:

These are funny, but they're too long.

Someone over at Hostland needs to sit down and run the numbers on attention span for the target market for stuffed crust pizza.

They'd work better with just one gag that takes up the first five seconds, then a product shot for the second five seconds, then talent getting stuck into a slice of pizza for the last five seconds. Just hoeing into it. Big bites. Sauce everywhere. A bit of crying. With a final callback.

Preroll sorted. TVC would have increased reach and frequency. Les wearout. Cuts down into lots of different spots. You're welcome.

Good said:

@420blazeit for prez

Bleedproof Marker said:


So much better.

santa said:

funny...and the 15"s are really good.

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