William Hill launches brand new 'Own the Moment' campaign via Fenton Stephens

970e7400-5b7b-11e5-8eb4-0601430fcff3-img-preview.jpgWilliam Hill is out to shake up the online betting industry with a new campaign via recently appointed Melbourne based creative agency, Fenton Stephens.

The agency was charged with developing strategy and creative for the upcoming Spring Carnival and AFL/NRL finals series.

With the category becoming increasingly competitive, the William Hill brief was to create a campaign bold enough to disrupt Australia's online betting establishment.

Whilst the competitors are all battling to be the 'blokiest' brand, William Hill has made no secret of its plans to rattle the cage of the Australian betting industry, with unrivalled technology, returns and offers.

Says Warren Hebard, head of brand and acquisition, William Hill: "During the Spring Carnival, the punters of Australia will be very clear on the fact that William Hill is leading the way on product innovation. We are giving punters the chance to truly own the moment."

The fully integrated campaign will be a phased launch, beginning with a suite of quite literally 'disruptive' spots highlighting William Hill's definitive advantages over the competition. Starring actor and musician Axle Whitehead, they're sure to have tongues wagging due to their attention grabbing execution. The spots are directed by Melbourne's Dogboy, with post by Melbourne's Method Studios.

The 'In-Play' and 'Money Back' spots go live this week, with the '10% Better' spot to launch in line with the new product release at the end of September.

There will also be a series of supporting 'retail' spots featuring a technologically-driven 'William Hill World', created by Collider's Angus Lee-Forbes, with post by Sydney's Cutting Edge.

Says Alex Fenton, creative director, Fenton Stephens: "Stay tuned, as this certainly won't be the last you'll see of William Hill owning the moment this Spring."

Credits: Green with Envy Series
Creative Agency - Fenton Stephens
Creative Director - Alex Fenton
Director of Planning - Simon Antonis
Head of Account Management - Amy Stephens
Group Account Director - Josh Collins
Creative Team - Aaron Tyler & Jess Wheeler
Agency Producer - Lisa Ramsay

Production Company - The Pound
Directors - Dogboy
Producer - Natalie Taylor
DOP - Ben Jasper

Post Production - Method Studios Melbourne
Musice - Nylon Studios
Sound - Production Alley

Credits: Retail Spots
Creative Director - Alex Fenton
Head of Account Management - Amy Stephens
Group Account Director - Josh Collins
Creative Team - Mat Garbutt & Chris Haydon
Agency Producer - Lisa Ramsay

Production Company - Particle
Director - Angus Forbes
Executive Producer - Rachael Ford-Davies
Producer - Hamish Roxburgh
Music - Nylon Studios

Post Production - Cutting Edge
Sound - Production Alley

Credits : Visual Effects

Company : Cutting Edge
Creative Director: Finn Spencer
Executive Producer: Samantha Daley
Senior Producer: Lara Allen
VFX Supervisor: Jonathan Dearing
Lead Designer: Jeremy Mansford
Lead Compositor: Darren Coombes
Compositor: Niki Bern
Production Co-ordinator: Sonia Fornasari


punter said:

Shame their site keeps crashing and you can't take your winnings.

Each Way said:

Think I liked Axle more when he was getting his knob out on the Arias.

Seriously? said:

I didn't think anything could be more annoying than those Tom Waterhouse ads. These guys have proved me wrong.

ph said:

These will work and much like the TW ads, they offer real benefits, not just some shouting moron making pathetic blokey jokes. Anyone who doesn't understand that really shouldn't be in this business. These will work well.

Well done guys.

H2H said:

Is William Hill part of Tab?

Old CD Guy said:

Yes, let's normalise gambling (said with heavy irony)! Sadly, I acknowledge that it's too late to put the genie back in the bottle. That horse has bolted*. I have never refused to work on any piece of business for reasons of conscientious objection, and I've worked on some rippers, including cigarettes and the Liberal Party (when I was too young to know better), but I would have no hesitation in refusing to work on the hideous social cancer that is gambling. The gambling odds are now as common and normal as the team and player selections across all sports! It's mad, it's obscene. I note this work is from the same agency that brought us the execrable Tom Waterhouse. Clearly they have no such moral dilemma.

*racing pun in case you missed it

@ ph said:

Real benefits? What, like betting on your mobile? Wow, how innovative of them. That's really going to separate them from the pack. Why are all these sports betting brands in a race to be the same as each other?

Well done said:


Oh wait. hang on.

@Old CD Guy said:

I sadly concur with you re the 'social cancer that is gambling' - I find it hard to believe in these 'enlightened' times we are allowed to advertise this.

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