Deluxe expands localisation services for Asia - Pacific market to meet international client needs

0f4130c.jpgToday, Deluxe Entertainment Services Group Inc. (Deluxe), which is dedicated to providing post production talent and digital supply chain services to clients, has announced significant enhancements to its Sydney studio.

The studio, strategically located to reach key Southeast Asian markets in Japan, Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam, now offers a wide array of digital localisation solutions to clients which build on its international distribution network, including a North Asian hub in Hong Kong.

Deluxe Australia extends its localization services including scripting, transcription, dubbing, subtitling, and audio description to clients in production, advertising, corporate and government industries. Deluxe's new localisation team recently completed their first project in Sydney: work on seven original series for the launch of Amazon Japan, including the Golden Globe-winning comedy series "Transparent" and the Emmy-winning children's series "Tumble Leaf."
The Sydney facility, which includes leading animation studio Iloura (of "Mad Max," "Ted" and "Sponge Bob" fame) and a full suite of film and TV picture and sound post production services, now operates an even wider range of digital broadcasting, media, cinema, and creative services across content that can make an immediate global impact through Deluxe's digital distribution network.

Says Alaric McAusland (pictured above), managing director, Deluxe Australia: "Deluxe Australia has well-established existing operations, such as post, animation and VFX, digital cinema and OTT broadcasting, but now with its completed localisation expansion the Sydney studio is unmatched in the region."

Says Ron Horwitz, senior vice president of worldwide localisation services at Deluxe: "We are excited to be a part of the Deluxe Australia team. It remains our ongoing priority to service our clients strategically on a worldwide basis. We look forward to growing our Asia presence for localization services, which will enable us to help our customers reach a broader audience."

This announcement comes at the same time as Deluxe expands its localisation solutions in its Spain and France studios - part of a longstanding initiative to provide additional, high quality services and talent to local and international clients in growing markets.

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